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for Living in Silence

6/11/2009 c1 irritated reviewer

how many times do I have to yell that for people to get the point...*grumbling* I'm deaf, hi, no that's not a problem. Unlike some people, I have the option to hear (cochlear implant)...i like silence.


and yes, this is good. Too bad you haven't continued it.
9/18/2002 c1 2Rai Zaku
good story tho it was a bit confusing at first whos signaling to whom and stuff
8/4/2002 c1 16Lightning-Strike
Wow...amazing...I guess I read the wrong one first. Oh, well. This is another great story! Oh, how I envy you...

Lights: Yeah, I do, too. Of course, I'm not an author, but st-! *is bound and gagged*

LS: *dusts off her hands* Let's check the forecast! *clicks on a TV*

Weatherman: And, startlingly, in Hades today there is SNOW!

LS: Tolja. *grins evilly at her bound and gagged Raichu* Anyway, I'm awed by these fics. Keep this up!
6/6/2002 c1 Phoenix Feather
I read "Living in Darkness". This was great, too! How would a mute person battle?
6/5/2002 c1 5SmashTurnip Girl
That's a really good idea and a really good fic! Bravo! ^_^
6/4/2002 c1 13Morbane
A VERY interesting battle, and I haven't seen a similar perspective. Please continue this.

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