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6/9/2012 c1 ccase13
People really are monsters sometimes.
6/6/2012 c1 56Jimelda
This episode has always given me the creeps, lol. Nice take on Sam and Dean's reunion. That's definitely one of my favourite scenes too.


6/4/2012 c1 965Dizzo
Nicely done - palpable relief here!

(I loved the 'bear trap of worry' too)

6/4/2012 c1 331983Sarah
I think the Benders made a lasting impression on all of us viewers because they were people and it's just crazy to think of the things that people, living people, can do to others. Scary.
6/3/2012 c1 Hundley
I really liked that episode, too. Yup, you captured the brothers. Good job.
6/3/2012 c1 36Sci F.I. Warper
First, I love the description, "The bear trap of worry." That is both awesome and really appropriate for that particular episode. Well done! Also, Awwww!
6/3/2012 c1 8Sharlot
Yay for brotherly reunions! They always make my heart happy! Very memorable moment of a great eppie! Thanks!
6/3/2012 c1 365SupernaturallyEgocentric
Love this. :)

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