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9/3/2020 c17 russia2774
Loving it so much please continue to update your story when the inspiration came back waiting to read
4/17/2020 c16 russia2774
Loving it please more updates
5/1/2019 c17 russia2774
more updates please loving it
7/19/2017 c17 6my 2 guys
that was good
1/14/2016 c17 fogetaboutit
update this pls!
11/2/2015 c17 DareMiddleton
great read. looking forward to more
6/10/2015 c16 FabinaForever11
12/30/2014 c15 Guest
A good song is giddy on up by liars bell bunny just in case u need another
2/10/2014 c2 djsk
a karaoke bar really? fucking stupid let me guess rose is gonna sing dimitri a song about lost love...and everything will be perfect... and funny how since they are vampires and live around court which is on the east coast that they just happen to be going to some little hick bar in texas...the one she just happens to be working at...wow could this story be any more cliché and fucking stupid
11/18/2012 c16 XxRawringRosesxX
Eeeeeeekkkkk! In this chapter I was listening to back to december! But alsocould adrian do 1 when he is drunk?
11/5/2012 c17 HONEYBOOBOO

10/13/2012 c17 J macphail
So, so sorry to see that you are not going to continue this story for awhile. I really do love this story it is one of my favorites. Hope to read more of your work soon.
10/11/2012 c5 3dimkasgal4ever
I love this story, though you should use some country songs considering it's placed in Texas! Just an idea though! Love it! Keep updating!
9/24/2012 c17 shadow-kissed angel
i hope you can start the story again soon!
8/8/2012 c16 5Filmstar xXx
i love how this is written.
you also have a wide range of songs which is good, (downloading them now lol)
cant wait to see how the victor thing works out :D
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