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for You're Going to Miss Me! Reposted

8/7/2012 c16 25Samwysesr
Hope you update soon! I really am enjoying this stroy.
7/10/2012 c16 shadow-kissed angel
I love the story . I think rose should get kidnapped again . and earlier you said that she got kidnapped a couple times...
7/3/2012 c16 10Charboday
I love how you use music in this story :) I think this is an amazing fic. Please update soon :)
6/8/2012 c16 devilishly curious
Just finished last chapter, interested to see where you take it... What is your posting sched.

6/6/2012 c14 ladora
Are you from Texas? There's a tiny typo, instead of South Padre, it reads San Padre.

I think the story is a little music heavy, but for the most part, I'm a fan of the song choices, with the exception of the Nick Lachey song (No offense, just not a fan.)

I'm excited to see Dimitri's reaction to Rose befriending his family (which I can't remember if that was stated or if I'm assuming.) I thought you set a good pace for Rose and Dimitri. She's given him a chance but I still think it'll be rough waters for them, what with her being raped and all. There's a lot of trust issues, I'd imagine. I say don't start to rush it just yet, you've done great so far!

What happened with Janine? I'd assume Abe would've contacted her sometime after he found Rose. I am completely fine with her not in the story (she annoys the Hell out of me), but I do wonder if Abe gives her monthly updates on Rose's well-being and if she visits on her time off.
6/6/2012 c16 ladora
Interesting story. I do so hope it continues soon!
6/5/2012 c16 1Secret-Haru
WOW LOVE IT A LOTT! I can't believe you don't have more reviews... It's an amazing story! Update PLEASEE!
6/4/2012 c16 3Lesya17
Same story... still great :p
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