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1/20 c62 debb lavoie
I've probably read this story six times , and I still get upset with Bella when she doubts him. Insecurity sucks.
12/30/2023 c1 Guest
Just one thing to say but I have no idea what “Percy Jackson” movie you’re talking about. It doesn’t exist Rick riordan didn’t give anyone movie rights so I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Did you perhaps mean the Peter Johnson movie?
12/14/2023 c178 Angelious Micheal
absolutely loved this story !
12/5/2023 c59 2Wife and momma
I'm so excited I can't wait for them to meet
12/1/2023 c174 Guest
Beautiful ending to a beautiful wonderful story. When I first saw 175 chapter story, I was nervous to start. BUT I am so glad I stuck to it. I read this story so quick and fell in love with their love.
12/1/2023 c26 Wife and momma
your story reminds me of a song that is by the Dixie Chicks it's called traveling soldier
12/1/2023 c15 Wife and momma
I can't stand clowns they scare me
12/1/2023 c7 Wife and momma
I married my high school sweetheart and we know each other since we were in kindergarten and we have been together almost 13 years and married almost 11 years
11/8/2023 c88 GUEST
They MET, IN PERSON! So freaking exciting! I love it so much. Such a cute meeting! I’m sure the best birthday for Edward. Bella said a couple WEEKS! Eek exciting. Maybe I should’ve become a teacher too lol
11/5/2023 c59 Guest
I figured he’d give her his old dog tags once Jasper told Edward that Alice had his. It’s so sweet and now she has his shirt with his scent that probably will help with the fantasies LOL. I’m getting excited for their reunion
11/5/2023 c58 Guest
THEY’RE GOING STATESIDE! I’m so freaking happy for them! I know Bella mentioned she was gonna visit her mom in Jacksonville, but would she be able to him? I love the happiness and excitement in his voice
11/5/2023 c38 Guest
What a dream for SARGE *swoons* darn,‘I thought his tour would be over in September and he’d surprise her for her birthday. October is good too though, whenever is good as long as they get together lol
11/5/2023 c12 Guest
Hi, just wondering the ages over everyone in this story? Bc it sounds like Edward shipped off at the end of high school and Tanya dumped him while still in college? So is Bella older than Edward?
9/27/2023 c178 keraatchley05
Love this story
9/27/2023 c177 keraatchley05
Great story
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