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6/5/2012 c4 36writersblock24
Ick. I've had some bad coffee so I can relate. Nothing's better than having good coffee after a long time of bad. Great job!
6/5/2012 c3 writersblock24
Very cute. Great job!
6/5/2012 c4 Sheeijan
I'm finding myself wondering if Edward has anyone at all in his life to communicate with and send him packages. If not, that's just so incredibly sad. I can just see Bella tearing up and going on a baking spree. Pillowcase, Peppermints, coffee, cookies. Definitely doable.
6/5/2012 c3 Alliecat N Heat
i love that she's sharing a bit of herself with him already.

On to Sarge now ;)
6/5/2012 c3 branlc
I'm really liking Bella. She seems so upbeat and just a happy person in general.
6/5/2012 c3 Sheeijan
Email-thank god for email. And I agree on being jealous of being able to compose.
6/5/2012 c4 zeeber
Perhaps, beside being a good story to read, your words might open peoples eyes as to what our men go through over there and the needs that they have for things from home. You can already see that they are so comfortable with each other in their e-mails, that makes me smile...

thank you for sharing your words...Brenda
6/5/2012 c3 Libby Blue
Loved it !
6/5/2012 c4 KPat493
I love the Sarge! He had me at Cookie Thief! I love that they have email. Now they can get to contact eachother faster and we will be that much closer to seeing them fall in love with eachother. I can't wait!
6/5/2012 c4 barburella
"Oh, my dear Watson, I do enjoy the fictional detective, as you put it. However, I'm more prone to Alexandre Dumas' adventures...Monte Cristo, Musketeers, men in iron masks. Those stories were written about a time when chivalry wasn't dead, communication was the written word, and a handshake was an honored and legal contract. Plus, the sword fighting was damn cool!"

Loved this paragraph. Seems like Edward has a grocery list for Bella, ha? LOL

Pillow case. You'd never think of some of the things they need back there. Makes me sad.
6/5/2012 c4 amwine
Sounds like a pillow case, some real coffee and a book would make him so happy. Just the basics that a lot of us take for granted. I love how the email is so much quicker. I hope this makes Edward's time over there go so much faster. Great job...thanks!
6/5/2012 c4 9sherryola
ah, cool email from Edward! i love the little things he asked for, the coffee, the pillow case, composition paper. Nice.
6/5/2012 c3 barburella
BMSwan, ha? Cute.

I'm so loving this. The slow burning get to know you fics are the best.
6/5/2012 c4 Chilly Howdy
OMG! I can't stop Laughing! Hey Ladies! Edward is so fricken hilarious I couldn't stop laughing reading him! The Coffee part just cracked me up! *still giggling* I almost want to send him a care package! Thanks for the wonderful update :) See you's next time :) Chilly x
6/5/2012 c3 sherryola
nice little getting to know you email from Bella. It seems just right for where they are right now.
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