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6/4/2012 c2 TraciSnow
I LOVE it! I was so excited when I saw the updates! Are you all just gonna do letters/emails? If so, maybe y'all could do outtakes? I'd LOVE to see his reaction especially when he got the care package. We know he hasn't gotten anything from anyone...I'm definitely sure now that his parents are gone and we know Tanya is such a bitch that she couldn't be bothered to write...we KNOW she never sent him anything. I bet he was totally surprised (and thrilled) to get the package. Thank goodness that Emmett is so nosy!

Regardless of how y'all write (though I would love his reaction!), I am soooo looking forward to the next update!
6/4/2012 c1 Ivygirl702
I love the first chapter. I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us.
6/4/2012 c1 james3142
Definitely found his payback as gratifying as Bella! I would totally suggest something like this to a friend. I'm more of an eye-or-an-eye than turn-the-other-cheek kinda girl lol.

Thanks for sharing lovely ladies! Luff.

6/4/2012 c2 barburella
Aww Deb, loved it. Sargeward is going to be adorable, I can tell already.
6/4/2012 c1 barburella
Aww, what a sweet letter. Can't wait to see how it'll be received by Edward.
6/4/2012 c2 madgerama
I love polite Edward
6/4/2012 c2 KimberlyAnnT
lol.. I love how stingy people can be with cookies..
6/4/2012 c1 madgerama
Yay daily updates. Looking forward to this!
6/4/2012 c2 Libby Blue
Absolutely love it! Lots and lots of peppermints for Sarge!
6/4/2012 c2 7VeneziaK
Teasing is over? Where did you get that nonsense? Your teasing has just started, lovelies, but it's the best kind of teasing. The kind that gives you glimpse by delicious glimpse something extraordinary. Like undressing Edward an inch at a time! It's the kind of teasing that we enjoy;)

Oh, I will have so much fun reading this story! I'm sure of it! All my love, ladies)
6/4/2012 c1 KimberlyAnnT
Can't wait to read more..
6/4/2012 c2 RACHIAN
:) Mmmm, Edward
6/4/2012 c2 1sugunary
Loved it. I guess it might be hard to ship a small electronic keyboard to afghanistan. I'm sure if there is a way, bella will find it. Love the format of communication as chapters. Can't wait for tomorrow, I'm a greedy woman instant gratification please!
6/4/2012 c1 RACHIAN
:) Like so far!
6/4/2012 c2 Debbi84
Edward is such a great guy to share some of the items he received, but was stubborn enough to keep the cookies all to himself. Fantastic!
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