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10/30/2019 c37 Emo4
Nice elevator fantazise!
10/3/2019 c151 Jaysto
Great story and amazing writing. Personally I would have preferred if it were closer to 200k words than 300k but it was an amazing way to toil away my sick days thank you so much for sharing your talent
8/9/2019 c98 Guest
Favourite episode! Alice is just as gorgeous as the other two so let’s not forget that as well
8/5/2019 c178 hrrhoyt
I absolutely loved this story! The timeline was believable, and I feel that since most of their correspondence was through writing it allowed them to be open and honest with each other, as well as being able to remember details. I was able to read some of my grandfather's letters from WW2, and the common theme was thank you for writing and thinking of me, so this Edward had a bit of a soft spot from the get go. Will definitely reread this in the future and looking forward to checking out your other stories!
6/22/2019 c22 Guest
Crying, so much crying! This is such a good story, and so well written to form such a connection to the characters so early on. I'm a little worried about how much more crying may be in my future
6/1/2019 c176 Guest
5/13/2019 c178 11amsrule
Back for a rereadlove the story. Thanks for sharing!
5/2/2019 c134 3abbyweyr
nice surprise for her.
5/1/2019 c15 abbyweyr
As you get older, making the bed becomes a way to see if everything is in working order. The second bit of morning exercise so to speak.
5/1/2019 c6 abbyweyr
Sad about his family.
4/27/2019 c176 Nannyjojo
Loved that.
Love the tattoos too.
4/27/2019 c175 Nannyjojo
They were just so sweet together.
Yeah he can now add these guys the family too.
4/27/2019 c174 Nannyjojo
Loved it so much.
I knew they would make it.
So happy for them.
Love this pair so much.
Thank you for sharing.
4/27/2019 c173 Nannyjojo
As if she would say no. Lol.
So happy.
4/27/2019 c172 Nannyjojo
He is just so sweet.
Love him so much.
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