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1/25/2019 c13 2EmlynMara
Wonder how long it will take for Bail to figure it out.
1/25/2019 c12 EmlynMara
It would be nice if Sisioud remains in the dark.
1/25/2019 c8 EmlynMara
Makes sense to me they would have some means of communicating.
1/25/2019 c7 EmlynMara
Can I say I don’t like Breha.
1/25/2019 c6 EmlynMara
It’s still rape, of a different sort.
1/25/2019 c4 EmlynMara
Can I say R2 is my hero. And the mother is dreadful too.
1/25/2019 c2 EmlynMara
This man is beyond insane. He is downright evil. This is so sick and twisted. I am horrified for Leia, and Winter, but more so for Leia.
1/25/2019 c1 EmlynMara
This is beyond disturbing. This man is insane.
11/26/2017 c29 18Pink ranger 13
It's a great story and please continue the story!
8/31/2015 c29 2EmlynMara
Oh my! You've introduced a couple of critical new variables. Should be interesting to see what effect the changes have.

I say don't kill Ani. If you do Padme will be devastated. Interesting to have clones of the Masters. The thought of how their different upbringing alone will affect them is fascinating.
7/24/2015 c10 Guest
Chapter 10. I've read stories that have worse errors, or darker themes, but for some reason it hasn't caught for me. Regretfully, stopping reading.
7/6/2015 c29 Michael
This is a great story!
8/26/2014 c1 18Pink ranger 13
Go Skywalkers
4/22/2014 c28 Elizabethlovesta
Oh goodness I thought you were dead. Thank goodness you are all right. I am so glad you are not dead and keen on finishing this. Why am I not logged in? Oh never mind that, I look forward to reading more soon. :)
4/21/2014 c28 7ccp
Great update
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