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11/5/2015 c3 10nevergone4ever
am i sophia
9/12/2012 c1 4433220011223344
Wow, I like Jeeroy and the Asian one the best. I love this idea LOL
6/15/2012 c2 10Anla'shok

District one boy is a mini-lockhart pushed to caricature. (HP reference, in case you've never read it...Just in case)

And Babby, poor poor Babby. It's actually just sad, but still funny because, hell, it's a story character, not a real person, so I can laugh about it, xD

Keep the disabilities a bit realistic though, shouldn't Babby's words be connected (in a weird way) to what she wants to say? As in she says a similar sounding word to the one she wants, but it's nonsense etc?

Linear anthology... *huffs*

The end interaction between the two was fun.
6/15/2012 c1 Anla'shok
Ouch my head. This is getting too convoluted Lol

This is insane How does a president like that (Poobah? Seriously? xD)

even keep his place? Why doesn't someone gut him.

I loved the flaming monkeys Games.

I was thinking of Donny Darko for some reason when the rabbit from the void popped up.

Your tributes are just as insane as the rest of the chapter, it might be a challenge to keep the action fun and not just ridiculous but for the moment I'm cracked up


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