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7/2/2015 c18 Louise
It was a perfect you for finishing and sharing.
2/10/2014 c19 Selena92
Lol! I had to laugh at your authors note in the beginning (cause I wrote the same in my review to chapter 18)

A very sweet ending to a wonderful and exciting story. Wonderful in the sense of well written and thrilling, of course, not because Gibbs was getting hurt. Though I gotta confess...I kind of like stories where the team- or someone from the team- protects and takes care of Gibbs. He's always so distanced... but only if those stories have a happy ending ;-)

I totally agree with your Gibbs...the team is his family. And he is theirs. Good work in pointing that out. I simply love the dynamics between Gibbs and his team.

Lol, what was it that Palmer did? Can't fault him for running. Dear Abby can be quite scary when she's angry.

As I've stated before...I'm looking forward to your next story.
Btw...should I ever come around to writing a Ncis story myself (got plenty of ideas..just the writing down part is a problem)...I'd be very happy to hear your opinion of it. Have to warn you though. It's very likely to be TonyGibbs slash. Although I'm thinking about writing (or trying to write) it in an ambigous way- so that the reader can decide for him/herself whether Tony and Gibbs are just very close friends or lovers.
My penname is the same I gave in my review...too lazy to log in (its a joint account, btw)

Well, I'll watch out for your next story! :-)
2/10/2014 c18 selena92
Hey, I'm glad my review helped you ;-)
And I absolutely love that you changed Vance from "asshole" into "good guy with talking issues". Ha, so Gibbs knew that they were with Vance? I should have thought of that. After all, this is Gibbs. Okay, Vance told him via code, but still..I'm sure he'd have known either way. He always knows things. Okay, most times, anyway. He's got a frightengly good intuition.

I felt even more sorry for Vance here... not only does he feel guilty as hell himself about what happened, everyone (but Gibbs) gives him grief over it too. Though it was cute, how protective they were being of Gibbs. He's built such walls around himself, that its hard to see just how vulnerable he can be sometimes, that he also needs someone whos there to protect him and be a shoulder to cry on when he needs a break.
Anyway, bqck to Vance and his treatment by the team... I'm glad Gibbs was able to clear things up. I'm rather curious whether he'll chew out his team sometime about not getting all the facts.

I'm a bit sad this story is finished now, but every good story ends sometime. I'm truly glad I've been able to read it. Thanks for writing it.
And I'm looking forward to your other stories involving Gibbs & Co ;-)

Now, on to the last chapter! (I miss this story already...and I haven't even finished yet)

Oh, before I forget... Vance and Gibbs, I sincerely apo- I meant...of course I knew you both knew these guys would be back..* rubs head in embarrassement* yeah, well... I guess I feel slightly guilty for beeing so steamy at Vance for allegedly allowing Gibbs to walk into another trap. Should have known he'd warn Gibbs somehow. Pity those guys found out about it.
2/8/2014 c19 Meilea2010
Fantastic chapter/story. Sure took a long time; but, oh well, I'm one to talk I guess.
2/7/2014 c18 Guest
Just love the story so sad its almost ending wish you could write more
2/7/2014 c19 Guest
Awesome story just love michelle and tony and great way of writing
2/7/2014 c19 Guest
Thank you for sharing this story with us. This had better not be your last story, otherwise there will be quite a few upset readers around. Please continue with your writing. Thank you for all your trouble and effort you put in.
2/7/2014 c18 Guest
BRILLIANT! What a wonderful read this was. Please continue writing. You have an unbelievable talent. Keep up the good work.
2/7/2014 c19 17DS2010
Liked the end especially the bbq
2/7/2014 c19 torontogirl12
I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey you took us on. For a first story,you did one hell of a fine job and am looking to see more from you.
2/7/2014 c19 2victoriantealady
I I am so glad you decided to complete this exciting story. I remember reading it when it first came out and I found the use of the Afrikaners language so unusual that I felt it added a very special touch. I look forward to the epilogue.

I hope you write more stories and continue to include your wonderful language.
2/6/2014 c18 3Theresa F
Very interesting story, great play off of the relationship between Gibbs and Vance, love the little scenes with Jackie, I hate that they killed her she was such a great character. She brought out the down to earth human side of her husband and she really like Gibbs too.

Not sure the rule 12 thing needed to be thrown in it was just way in the outfield and just didn't fit in with anything from your whole story.

Overall it was a good story and I enjoyed reading it!
2/6/2014 c18 Loves Jack
Very interesting story. Nice play on the dynamics between Vance and Gibbs-a grudging respect, that only much later turned to friendship. But boy, that was a lot of Gibbs whump! Poor guy!
2/6/2014 c18 torontogirl12
Great ending. Was so happy to see this update.
2/1/2014 c17 Selena92
It's me again, sorry. Hope I'm not getting on your nerves here. I'm not really angry at Vance for refusing to make a deal- though in light of what bappened, I wish he would have...before Gibns got hurt- what makes me angry is his refusal to tell Gibbs he's in danger, twice. And also that he allowed those scum to make him call Gibbs up into the office, leading him into a trap. I mean, he was already set on not telling them what the wanted and he knew they'd just torture Gibbs again. Now if they had forced him to decide between Gibbs and his family I'd understand, but something tells me it wasn't like that...
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