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7/30/2012 c6 Meilea2010
Damn that Vance. I really hate that man. I sure hope that this is not a death fic. Is it? Alright, so why is mcGee taking charge? Can't stand the guy,. If anything, Tony, as SFA, should be in charge, n9ot McGee. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Looking forward to the next chapter.
7/22/2012 c5 Guest
Please update soon. I love the suspense, Gibbs in trouble, the team all worried... very good mixture!
7/7/2012 c5 Guest
WOW! Still keeping me glued to your story. I take my hat off to you. Awesome for your first attempt. I love the way you're keeping the suspense running. Keep it up. I can't wait for the next chapter.
7/6/2012 c5 2SaradocCraver101
Great job keep it up and poor Gibbs. I hope the team gets there in time.
7/6/2012 c5 10thorsfriend
Ouch poor Gibbs. Hope you update soon.
6/29/2012 c4 Guest
Another suspense-filled chapter. Well done! A truly excellent read and effort from you so far. Keep it up. I just can't wait to read the next chapter. Bring it on already!
6/28/2012 c4 Guest
Still enjoying your story and looking forward to more. Thanks for writing! :)

6/27/2012 c4 saji235
Ahhh.. Keep it up. Can't wait next, hope you'll update soon.
6/27/2012 c4 louise
ahhh,,, this fic is how u switch so easily from past to present great..please update asap...
6/27/2012 c4 2SaradocCraver101
Great job keep it up and what will happen to Gibbs
6/20/2012 c3 louise
i for one am please they picked gibbs becasue io likea hurt gibbs in my fics...

please update asap
6/20/2012 c2 louise
thansk for continuing this excellent loving it...
6/20/2012 c1 louise
please please continue...awesoem start toa fic..what could be better...gibbs hurt and in trouble

and por vance to have to watch...

hope the team fins them ...
6/20/2012 c3 Allan
Another brilliant chapter. This is turning out to be an awesome story. I'm guessing the language in question, is Afrikaans. Keep up the good work. Hope to read more soon. Take care.
6/20/2012 c3 lol
Is the language Afrikaans? Or Dutch?
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