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for Defeat of Chase Young

12/11/2012 c5 2PatrickDaPatt12
My old friend saphire. You are the best writer ive seen in a while. Some others they arent as good as you.
11/16/2012 c5 10K-Zittles
Whoa! O.o PLOT TWIST! I totally did not expect Chase to be Kimi's grand-dad. O.o Just... Wow!
11/15/2012 c4 12jburke2101
Are you trying to kill me with this story!? I want you to constantly update this story for all times, until you finish it, I LOVE IT TO MUCH! Please continue real soon. You practically had me screaming for leaving this chapter like that.
Anyway enjoy your day and update soon laters.
11/13/2012 c4 Guest
I...I'm not sure what to say about this fic. It's RaiKim, it's ChaseKim, it's Omi getting all the more annoying, and I liked it! Although I would have liked it if you described just HOW Chase got good. But don't listen to me! Reviews are comments, you write what you want and you choose who to listen to! That's what I do. I hope there's more, anyways :) I guess I did have something to say aout this fic.
10/22/2012 c3 jjjpisces1994
so is this gonna be finished ever?
8/5/2012 c3 Guest
update soon!
7/31/2012 c3 5Hex223
another chapter please! love it!
7/31/2012 c3 Guest
post that last chapter ASAP
7/2/2012 c2 3trashlandis
I love it! Please update soon! And what's your page, DevilsAngelSaphire? I want to like it.
6/23/2012 c1 5Erza Fullbuster LOVE
I love this pair!... Pls update soon.

I am not very good at the Englishman, sit it
6/5/2012 c1 Little miss honesty
Hmmmmmm, yeah. Your idea is good and fairly original. My only problem is, when reading it I feel like im in some race. I believe this is because in my opinion your styles of writing is quite rushed. It gets to the point quickly, but it's so quick I feel if I blink I will loose the story. So please slow down! I really don't mean any offends but if you want to keep me reading you have to slow it down.

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