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5/4 c44 Guest
Ruh ro raggy
16h c67 ReethP
I'm so soft for Luna :(
18h c33 HarmonyAlways63
How cute was that! Hermione and Harry not wanting to separate for even a week was just adorable.

Then the Summer Ball. Looks like things are lining up now. But I just really wanna see umbridge try her luck at trying to do something against Harry. Boy is she going to rue the day she even thought about it!
5/5 c106 snamioneBDSMcuriosity
This story is just... I can’t even put it all into words properly. I recommend anyone reading this comment to read this story right now, even if u have read it before. This story is something I will be gladly visiting time and time again. Such a wonderfully written story! This is definitely within the top 5 of my favourite fanfics.
5/4 c54 eliotisdaniel
I apologize for this Author but I can continue this story. The reason for this is because this story progresses a wee bit slow in my opinion. However, This is one of the most well-written fanfics I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Your work is incredible some of the best I've ever read. There have been books I have PAID for that are not as good as this one! I bid you a good day and I can't wait to read your other stories! Farewell, Great Author.
5/3 c36 gab24
Roses are red; Seals are covered in blubber; Dumbledore and Grindelwald were; Gay lovers
sorry about the awful poetry lmao its past midnight and I found it funny
4/29 c13 3riddle1rave
this was BRILLIANT! Wow!
4/28 c31 HarmonyAlways63
Oooo they’re going to take Luna under their wing! This should be great. She’s going to be like the little sister and plus a Ravenclaw I’m sure. New addition. The group I hope. Of course the og 4 will be closer but Luna will add another flavor to their group. Her time at Hogwarts will definitely be different from canon and I’m here for it!
4/28 c30 HarmonyAlways63
Ok. Honesty time. This isn’t my first time trying to read this story. I’ve always seen it in ffnet when I looked up Harmony stories and ppl have recommended as well but I just couldn’t get past the first chapter. Probably bc I’ve never read a Goblin centered story before and the characters were acting in a way that I wasn’t use to. In other words, I had no taste back then. Lol

This time around, after seeing more recs for this story and after reading some of Keira Marcos’s involving goblins or I believe in hers she replaced them with dvergers, I sat my butt down and told myself that this time we were getting through this story. And here I am. 30 chapters in and loving it every bit of it. I just wanted to mark this down with a review and to just say thank you for having shared this story. I’m always grateful to all the writers that put stories out there for us to read and frankly even those that maybe dont update frequently or have stopped all together. They didn’t have to start anything at all so even just a couple of chapters is something to be grateful for. In your case looks like you provided us readers with a whole ass novel! And it was practically completed when you first started posting chapters. So simply thank you. I know the story will be getting better so much I’m excited to read.

I know I’m one and thousands of reviews you’ve had but just thought I’d add a drop into the ocean. _
4/28 c10 riddle1rave
okay, I'm in love with this story. and while I'm enjoying it extremely, I must say some of its aspects do make me rather... uncomfortable. I used to love Dumbledore, and while I have no issues with how he's been portrayed in this particular fanfic (as I've read a LOT of Dumbledore-bashing stories,) I'm still forced to wonder how he let Harry stay with that scar in the original books...or how he forced Harry to live with an unloving family (not exactly better than an orphanage) if he really imagined 'love' was the answer to it all and if he wanted Harry to have a normal childhood...Of course, you're brilliant in pointing out some inconsistencies I'd never before thought of for myself. And the truth does tend to make one uncomfortable. I just hope i don't dwell too much on that when I'm going through another Harry Potter read.
4/28 c3 1Ken106348
french people would love Harry showing up and using that surename.
4/26 c106 DanielMarkPeter
Just finished my third read thru. Amazing every time. My favorite story on this site .
4/24 c42 anom
let me guess its Pervati that has Tommy book.
4/23 c105 taxzombie
The scene in the Hall of Heroes always touches me. Well done sir, well done.
4/21 c106 renowned-warrior
Another masterpiece and I'm sort of sad that it's over.
It was a lovely, well written story and I simply must say that I love the way you portray your characters. I especially enjoyed Severus Snape in this one, and oh how it pleased me that Barchoke was such a big character and the way he was.
I can hardly find the words to express how much I loved and enjoyed this story. It is definitely one of my new favorits and I can easily imagin myself miss it and reread it.
With all my heart thank you!
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