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6/21 c106 DeliNye
I'm not sure this isn't in everybody's favourites. Harry Crow is an incredible concept and so well written it puts many fanfics to shame.
I've read this multiple times, at least 3 but could be more (it's a go to for comfort reading after a low period of low quality fanfics along with your others.)
I adore your writing style and ideas. Thank you for sharing them with us.
6/19 c106 VraelJsp
I don’t review things normally because I usually stick to stories that are already complete, but I love your stories! This one in particular is the best ‘Harry gets adopted’ story on FFN! I wish you and your ever-growing family all the best Rob!
6/15 c2 Kieran
Hi Mr St, could you please point out the story for the reference you used for Harry Crow? I'd love to read it. Thank you!
6/13 c6 FeathersofReflections
Harry’s pranks were ingenious here. All of them were pure gold
6/8 c4 bobthebuilding
Are we already in October, or did Harry being goblin and Hogwarts Champion make Quirellmort move up his troll timetable to the first week of school?
6/8 c3 Jo Rosy
I've read the best for this fanfic from people's comments in a Harry Potter memes themed FB group but I am really struggling to read through this.. The too mature thoughts and characteristics from Hermione and Harry are almost too much to handle.. An eleven year old lusting over another one? Even with hormonal issues to advance her urges, that thought process, the words that are being used to describe, it's all just too mature and weird.. I have to forcibly concentrate to the plot (which is very good and has potential) and try and ignore/forget their ages..
6/3 c1 catistar
hey, I love this fic and was trying to reread it but I won't load. has it been removed?
5/27 c62 Guest
I've seen death and war.I've seen all manor of shock and heartache. I've never seen anyone throw up like fan fiction authors have thier chacters do. Solders and people like Harry would never act like that.
5/25 c105 Veronica McClure
Why did you not have Tonks morph into the Queen, just so Her household security knows where they can go for a double if the need arises?
5/25 c102 Veronica McClure
You really liked using the name "Barchoke" in your stories that involve a Goblin who gains familial status with Harry, don't you? I am relegating this story to one of my absolute best loved stories; because of the real FatherSon relationship that developed between Harry and this Barchoke, Vernon Dursley did his nephew a real favor by taking him to the Potter Account Manager. Although I do love "Proud Parents" because of the magical school that gets built on Italian Potter land through the efforts of another Barchoke and Harry and Hermione and friends.
5/21 c86 Veronica McClure
At least your George only lost a piece of his ear, not the whole.
5/21 c84 Veronica McClure
What your Harry here is doing with the Potter Scholars could be considered similar to the Big Brothers/ Big Sisters organization, right?
5/17 c60 tomascatts
Someone really needs to tell Ron that his grandmother was a Slytherin.
5/16 c59 Veronica McClure
A real wonder that after Wormtail's usage of Riddle's wand ., it was still usable by Riddle.
5/16 c52 Veronica McClure
Surprised you didn't have Ron sent to the same schooling that was Harry's pre Hogwarts schooling. As it is Ron will probably find himself going to a smaller magical school.
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