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6/20 c1 Guest
Hello are you on Ao3? Because one story by Madarasama222 is a copy of this fantastic story and since you are the author I wanted to make you aware.
6/19 c106 Guest
Hi Robst, there's somebody on AO3 posting your story. They go by mararasama222 and the story is titled Harry Potter and the Goblin's Greed. It's your story word for word and they have the audacity to set up a Patreon and disabled comments.
6/21 c106 19WhyTK
I love all of your Harmony stories.

Chapters 2 and 3 of "Flotsam and Jetsam" by Wonderbee31 are two chapters of the Harmony story "Scar Head." Please adopt it and finish it.

Chapter 1 of "Flotsam and Jetsam" is the beginning of an HP The Munsters crossover. It was completed by Clell65619 under the title "Dodgers, Dodgers, Teddy Bears and Spot," and it is great.
6/20 c1 28CeredwenFlame
/works/56768854 this sounds very similar to the first part of your story.
6/20 c105 9tumshie
not sure if anyone has contacted you but someone is posting this story on AO3 and is selling it on Patreon details below

Harry Potter The Goblin's Greed by Madarasama222?

Word for word a copy of Harry Crow by Robst. Worse (s)he seems to be selling it on Patreon.
6/19 c106 Annya87
Hi, just saw on Reddit that there's someone uploading this story on AO3, don't know if it's you, but wanted to let you know
You were one of the first authors of this fandom I've read and love your stories ️
6/15 c106 3Whookimo
i thoroughly enjoyed this story. i was a bit hesitant at first, there were some reviews on reddit threads and the like that dismissed this story as simply a poorly written power fantasy. granted, the power fantasy accusations do have some ground, but the poorly written part is FAR from true. i noticed a few grammar errors here and there, but other than that ot was really well written. this was truly an amazing story that had me captivated the whole way through. long stories like these more often than not go unfinished as authors lose interest or inspiration, so i really appreciate that you stuck around and finished the whole thing.
6/15 c99 Whookimo
that is quite the show for Mr. Cole's first real trip into the magical world.
6/14 c9 1demonboy121986
Personally for me, one of the best and kinda funniest things is thisHermione is just as much a Goblin as Harry is. Sirius'ly give this story read to find out what i mean, if you even semi like HHR you will love this
6/14 c1 demonboy121986
always an awesome read, no matter how many times i read.
6/8 c10 Talyn9661
I can’t hold back any longer and this is my third or fourth time reading through these early chapters. Isn’t it a bit creepy for eleven and twelve year old children to be this into romantic relationships and how “fit” the other is or coveting a picture of their young friend in workout clothes? And I’m not buying the excuse that they’re magical so they mature quicker than muggles. That’s just lazy writing. I really think it could have been avoided until at least their third year.

I’d also like to say that the near constant mention of Parma “teasing” her friends needs to stop. It’s been stated; now let your readers use their brains to determine what the situation is between the characters.
6/3 c106 DominaTheGreat
This is a fantastic story. It must be a sixth time I read it.
It certainly won't be the last.
Thank you so much for writing.
Till next time.
D xx
5/31 c16 Jaycen
This is my fourth time reading through Harry Crow. It is in my top five fanfics of all time and has been since I read it the first time many years ago.
You are an incredible writer of amazing talents. It is sad that many do not understand this form of art as it is suppose to be and routinely badger the artists to conform to what THEY believe the art should consist of. I am one of those who has spent my life reading others' works on various sites and the varied perspectives and creative ways characters and worlds are utilized are astounding to me, still.
You have made a perfect example of this.

Thank you for taking so much of your life to write Harry Crow. This story will live on in many minds for literally generations. This could be a literal movie, especially to me, as I see it playing out as one in my mind as I read it. I look forward to another few weeks of diving back into the world of Harry Crow.

5/27 c75 tessac03
5/13 c7 jrjsmith0
Is he really gonna carry a whole sword around? For some reason it just feels cringe especially when its dragging the ground because its got to be like 100 cm and the guy is 11. The knife/wand is cool though. Hopefully he can shrink the sword or just summon it when he needs it. His knife is goblin made as well right?
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