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10/15/2023 c85 31flower pot girl
Good timing, after the excitement of the final when everyone’s guard was down and people were scattered around the campsite.
10/15/2023 c84 flower pot girl
Poor Harry, sometimes it can be hard for those around him to remember he isn’t even fourteen yet. He is physically fit, but between two exhausting duels with prolonged use of magic, lack of sleep and all the mental stress, it is no surprise that he was drained.
10/15/2023 c83 flower pot girl
They have come so far in such a short time, even organising a joint press conference was a big step only a couple of years ago.
Now they have the leaders of the two nations attending an event together amicably.
10/15/2023 c82 flower pot girl
Parvati is like someone teasing a dangerous beast who is chained up, but you can’t always rely on the chain or assume there are not other, possibly more dangerous beast around.
10/15/2023 c81 flower pot girl
That poor baby, what a name to be saddled with alongside the danger he is in just by being near Voldemort and the future issues around his and his parents’ names. Such a contrast to the birth of Astrid and the support network around her.
10/15/2023 c80 flower pot girl
Dumbledore judges Harry by his own behaviour, but does not allow for a goblin upbringing, with different values, and a less vain personality. Harry is not fond of his fame, but will use if it to help others, Dumbledore uses his to increase his own standing and manipulate people to his own ends.
Hagrid and Snape are both beneficiaries of the idea that justice means targeting the true offenders and giving those drawn in by them a second chance. Unfortunately, they may have to watch the former if Dumbledore gets anywhere near.
10/15/2023 c79 flower pot girl
Keep meaning to say that I love your comments to reviewers before each chapter. There is definitely a group of people who do not understand that they can choose not to read anything that doesn’t suit their tastes!
The fayre sounds like a great opportunity for huge swathes of the goblin and magical communities to enjoy themselves in the same space, a huge help to breaking down barriers. It is difficult to see the being who was laughing on the rollercoaster with you as the enemy. Having muggles there helps integration as well, but also gives the parents a positive experience of a world that effectively excluded them but took their child away for most of the year.
10/15/2023 c78 flower pot girl
Not quite what Voldemort envisioned, but then what sane person goes into battle expecting that they will be uniquely spared any returning fire?! He sees himself as godlike and forgets that he is mostly devoid of worshippers and doesn’t realise that he no longer actually possess any divine power. A strong mortal can be killed by a weak opponent who is clever or lucky.
10/14/2023 c75 flower pot girl
The forgiveness if asked, but no quarter given to aggressors approach has certainly paid dividends. Between that and Voldemort throwing all his resources at Bones Manor, they are now reduced to 3 people.
10/8/2023 c106 Pomme
Such a great story ! Thank you so much RobSt!
I just discovered it some three weeks aho, in a big diffucult time of my life, and it has soithen it so nicely. Such a wonderful, intercultural, amazing story! Many many thanks.
And actually I think I will read it again quite soon!
10/8/2023 c36 Aetherium21
I dont understand how Lucius in the original story or here could infer that the diary would harm an individual in ghe way that it might
10/8/2023 c35 Aetherium21
Granger…. Could do with some thorough damage to make her think ahead. Reliance on that armor will not be good forever
10/6/2023 c106 AerynS
I've just re-read this wonderful tale for the umpteenth time and it's still as delightful as the first time I read it.
Thank you again for sharing your talent with us!
10/7/2023 c29 Aetherium21
Granger is now a goblin of sorts? What? Ahahaha.
10/7/2023 c25 Aetherium21
A great story! The romance between 11 year olds is bizarre but other than that it’s a wonderful read
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