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8/5/2023 c106 DominaTheGreat
Thank you for writing. I enjoy your stories a lot.
I have to say, that even though your Dumbledore is almost always a manipulator, who's engineering his own downfall, I always feel sorry for him in the end.
Perhaps it's me hoping he's going to clean up and do the right thing?
Despite plotting against Harry, I read him as more of a deluded and somehow misguided, than truly evil.
Maybe it's just me, but I felt sad about his ending.
I even felt a bit sorry about Bella dying and not seeing her baby growing up, although it's definitely better for said baby to have sane and non-evil parents. Bella, despite loving her child, was never a suitable role model.
Your stories are very well written, a few grammar mistakes here and there, but nothing too distracting.
It was fun.
Thank you.
D x
8/3/2023 c63 Edit
A story littered in grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Still good though.
8/4/2023 c106 SpockST
Thank you for a most entertaining story.
7/30/2023 c79 ARedHair
From last chapter (78):
"Can you imagine the impact if they'd hit Ollivanders?"

As I was rereading Harry Crow, this line struck me as foreshadowing Old Crow's Great Wandout stories and challenge.
7/27/2023 c106 Sabrina
I read and reread this story over and over again It is in my opinion absolutely one of best Harry Potter stories on fanfiction Thank you for sharing your time and talent with us Sabrina
7/28/2023 c106 Alwin-nl
Whoa, what a read! Amazing story, thank you for enabling us to read it. This one will definitely be a re-read in some time!
7/26/2023 c57 Guest
I think I have read and reread your stories a dozen times and I can't tell you how much I wish your stories were the true story harry crow is a master piece and reading Emma granger pulling a gun on people in knowledge is power has made me giggle like a mad man with every read
7/28/2023 c103 Alwin-nl
Too bad they even showed Bella her son. They should’ve told her he was killed for being her child. After all, she so enjoyed her mind games.
7/27/2023 c28 SpockST
Thank you for a most enjoyable story so far.
7/25/2023 c72 Alwin-nl
Very satisfying, this should’ve been canon. And bumblemore is more delusional than ever…
7/25/2023 c105 renowned-warrior
I do so enjoy this story. It is truly deserved that it is one of the highest rated on HP stories on FFN.
And a sidenote, I also enjoy your epilog so much more than the original.
7/22/2023 c14 ghffuudog
Hi so I have a question for you as somone who wants to write fanfiction I don’t know if you will respond but how do you post stories? Also you write really well and have earned a follow
7/21/2023 c1 averageschmoe
l believe that this is your masterpiece Robst. Read all your works, even the ongoing one, enjoyed them immensely. But this is something else. Cheers
7/20/2023 c74 featherdusterpixie
i've always thought that everyone was way to harsh on pavarti.
she's acting like a normal muggle teenager.
comparing her to padma is cruel and unfair. its always going to paint her in a bad light.
7/16/2023 c1 Some useless lesbian
Third read so far can’t wait to read it again
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