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4/18 c47 sisi
very nice, thanks.
4/16 c28 sisi
I like Harry Crow very much, it is very good story. Thanks.
4/18 c2 2CMVreud
Holy Drama Lama Baby.
Please, Harry, I beseech you. Turn around and walk away.
4/17 c41 DT.A.9.RE
At this point i have cried nd laughed so much with your work i am even begging to see a second chance for little old 'but i am always right' wizard. Honestly tho man, your work is heavenly
4/14 c11 sisi
I just like it. It make a peace in my soul, when the law and the right is coming to Hogwards and wizzards office.
4/11 c106 Kat Morgan
Wonderful story! I enjoyed binging it very much! Such fabulous characters and such an exciting plot would be hard to beat as one of the best Harry Potter stories I have read to date. I’m so glad Archive was down that day which led me here. Thank you for sharing!
4/10 c106 Guest
Excellent story. Thank you for writing this.
4/10 c15 DT.A.9.RE
I feel a really strong bound between your characters, i don't know if you are using psychology to make these two git together so well or if you have the blessing of having someone wonderful in your life, one thing is for sure tho if i want to achive being able to write at such an emotional level, i need to make my worthy of earning that kind of love by bettering myself in ways i have previously allowed myself to falter. For this gift of awakening, as one writer to the other i thank you
4/8 c5 DT.A.9.RE
I feel so stupid, i thought of a tonic as a kind of one shoulder tuga, because for some reason harry wearing something with half of his chest bare seemed more logical than an actual tonic xdd It made me question so many things about life but I'm glad the misunderstanding got cleared up
4/8 c3 DT.A.9.RE
Okie i will say i expected a little more from Hermoine, i didn't think she would be all up to give up life for harry right away especially f she thought about it, she couldn't attend goblin school soo she should have shown a bit more hesitance, but i also admit i can see why this version, this very younger version of er would be easily lost in the amazing baddassory that is Harry and i also clearly see this was a much need black slap to most characters, so... I honestly loved it and fully agree with itand hey if it's not what i really want i should probably go write my own aye?
4/8 c1 Erickson88tj
Ive read this story atleast six times through, lost track off how many people I’ve got hooked in as well, and i find myself once again rereading this amazing take on the story line. I’m curios if you’ve ever considered other “sandboxes” to play in? I would love to see what you would do in christopher paolinis ‘chronicles of alegasia’ sandbox..
4/6 c106 2AhsokaTano2291
By far the best story i have every read. i have yet to read a story that tops this one. i have also read 3 other stories in the same amount of days. keep up the great work
4/6 c1 minato FanFics
Hello how are you? I wanted to ask if you would give me permission to upload your Harry Crow story to my YouTube channel.
4/2 c106 imkaushik15
This was the first fanfic i read here ! Absolutely brilliant and thank you for this amazing read !
3/31 c106 2athenewolfe
This is one of my all time favorite stories. I just re-read the whole thing this week and once again enjoyed it tremendously. Thank you for sharing your stories with us!
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