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3/31 c4 Furkan Gursac
I liked this McGonaggal :,D
3/28 c102 the scorpion commander
hermione should have died. Victory comes at a cost...
3/25 c36 arkhaamknight
Yeah never mind im completely done with this series. The main characters are completely hypocritical. They spent 30 chapters complaining about harry being in and threatening to leave and take harry somewhere else if he gets put in danger again, but thrust hermione into danger dozens if times but are threatening violence against her father for trying to protect his child. Its asinine.
3/25 c36 arkhaamknight
Im nit thrilled about how Dan is treated here. He acted in a moment of extreme stress to try and protect his child. Neither harry nor his father should blame him for that, and emma is going overboard on him.
3/22 c20 Neon Knightguy
Too many Mary Sue incidents and chronic character bashing is very off-putting. I'll just leave that hanging.
3/21 c69 Sabrina
I don’t know if you still read the reviews I am sure you have a ton to go through but I am rereading this I probably have read this story more than all the HP books because I so wished this was what would happen . A strong Harry with a witch his equal Hermione with Harry and Neville becoming brothers best friends. Neither of them being jokes or fools that everyone picks on or talked about. So I just wanted to say Thank you . I have reviewed this story several times as a guest or using my name . I truly truly appreciate you . I look forward to reading your works . I love Harry and Hermione pairings . Cause to me that’s the only pair that makes sense . I like Neville with Luna also . And enjoy those pairings in other stories. I never thought Dumbledore had Harry’s best interest and always thought Molly Weasley to be overbearing. And felt like her family used Harry ‘s innocence and lack of knowledge against him . Thank you again for your time and talent. For sharing both in fanfiction Sabrina
3/22 c106 LoveCake
Your writing has captivated me for the better part of a full week. This story was brilliantly told. I was skeptical at first, but you hooked me in after the first chapter! Well done! How I never came across this before is a complete mystery, but I am so glad I did. Thank you for sharing your creative imagination in JKR's sandbox. I LOVE IT!
3/19 c21 30Vance McGill
A few chapters ago, Dumbledore realized that if Harry could cut a student's wand in two with his sword, that the Elder Wand wouldn't stand a chance (being all powerful, it was, after all, just wood).

Now he states that Harry slicing the Elder Wand in two was supposed to be impossible?

I don't get it... Dumbledore is just really dumb at certain points in this story. I enjoy Dumbledore bashing quite a bit (many of my stories do the same thing), but he's also supposed to be a very smart man. Why does he seem so surprised when something he was plainly worried about a while back actually happened?!
3/18 c106 1Finnspa23
Great story!
3/18 c45 31StopTheMadness
Obsessed with Barchoke being a protective and worried dad omg
3/17 c1 divvycrip
I don’t understand why crow or old crow. Could you explain pls. Thank you. Also truly epic epic.
3/16 c62 1Finnspa23
I don't understand why the Carrows don't just kill them and bury the bodies lol. Not a smart bunch
3/13 c66 Guest
3/14 c36 Finnspa23
They would put the cruxes in the book? Bold move
3/14 c33 Finnspa23
Arthur deciding on bringing Ginny was quite foolish. Have to agree with Molly on that one
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