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3/14 c1 Demigodmalfoy
I am back to read this for a fourth time? Yes absolutely.
3/12 c106 6JasmineDragon22
I absolutely loved this fic. Thank you for auch a brilliant read.
3/10 c37 daughterofstarlightandwonder
Wow! First story I've ever read from you and I am well and truly enchanted... so much so that I intend to read everything of yours under the sun... that you are one for longer stories & not-exactly-canon Harry is another two amazing points for me. Thank you for your writing! Beautifully done!
3/6 c29 Guest
Nope. No more. You’ve taken every bit of magic out of HP and replaced it with tedious, long winded drudgery. I’d bet my left nut you were a 50 year old man because every character acts the same. Also someone kicking a person out the way is literally not a case for such a massive overreaction but of course this Harry can do no wrong and shits roses
3/5 c14 Guest
Here comes the sexism, right on time for your stories
3/5 c12 Guest
Your writing is good but so stilted and unnatural, and you absolutely don’t trust the reader. Every single thing is over explained and just way too formal for every day speech.
3/7 c106 Bluebonnet1977
This is probably my favorite story ever. And I swear every time I reread it I find more to love.
3/6 c106 Yahnael
A truly unexpected but really good fan fiction. You've taken the caracters and made yours to develop an interesting alternate universe.
I found Harry a little bit too much OP with all his money (the Potter were wealthy but not at this point no ?), warrior training and the champion of Hogwart thing, but a really pleasant reading with an interesting perspective in developping a goblin culture and way of life. Really liked the way you make the three world come together with Harry Hermione and Sapphire being the driven force for it.
A lot of others good idea were used like the lesson of History Henrica did about Tom, or what happen with the Basilisk and his victims.
Thanks for this good story.
3/3 c29 Jodan1221
Seems a ridiculous punishment for Sharpshard when he was defending himself from and unprompted attack.
3/1 c106 Araxan
Thank you so much for this unique story. By far more in-depth than original, although wouldn't be that strong without the original in existence.
2/24 c1 tzanassi
Robst, I'm convinced that you have covered Harry Crow with a strong compulsion charm. I've have just finished reading this wonderful story for the 4th time since Christmans 2023 while also reading the original JKR version. I appreciate that you acknowledge the characters as belonging to JKR, but I'll admit (whisper behind the hand), I like your version better. Thank you for your contribution to the AU of Harry Potter.

T Zanassi
2/21 c1 ironspike68
Woah…. Another version I’ve never heard of. Cool!
2/18 c106 Emily
It's been three weeks since I discovered your fic and I've been reading almost non-stop ever since
What a great story! Love your version of the characters, love the ending, love everything really... Will definitely check out your other fics
2/18 c106 Guest
Thanks for this!
2/18 c106 ehlara1
I very much enjoyed this journey. Thank you so much for sharing your world with us!
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