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2/16 c106 anthrodek
I know it's been nearly a decade since you completed this story, but I just had to comment. This was, by far, one of the best HP stories I've ever had the pleasure of discovering! The rich dimensions you created with all three cultures were amazing. I laughed, I cried, and was frequently on the edge of my seat. Missed sleep too because I was so enthralled with the story.
Thank you for sharing. I'm sure I'll be coming back to read this over and over.
2/13 c106 7jada951
I'm wondering...what happened w/ your school?
2/13 c105 jada951
great job! stunning even.

2/13 c100 jada951
AS THE story grows to its climax i am totally impressed by the imagination depth and fun this story has been two years in the making and you managed to finish it too such a great feat truly not kidding impressive writing

as you can tell my keyboard is all messed up!
2/10 c1 scarjen2812
so funny when dumbledore gets kicked out
2/8 c45 jada951
excellent encounter w/ the basilisk. love the teamwork of harry w/ a support system.
Barchoke has become my favorite goblin right here in the chamber...

and I wouldn't want to have to explain things to the grangers either!
2/8 c44 jada951
What a great idea, having the ghosts from the death day party come to guard - and save so many!
2/8 c40 jada951
totally LOL Lockhart at the ball and Luna asking why he had come if he brought his own lunch box. That coupled w/ an I love NY pendant is a total hoot!

Thanks for the fun prose!
2/7 c31 jada951
I have read and recommended your stories more than once.

I'm really enjoying your writing style and unique twist on things.

Thanks again for sharing it here.
2/5 c106 Bernard O
I really enjoyed the story
2/7 c36 hakihome707
A father who was trying to protect his daughter the only way he know how and you treat him like a villain. Sorry, the story WAS good, but now I just found it trash.
2/2 c106 kiwihipp
An absolutely delightful story! I got so carried away that I forgot to critique every chapter, sorry about that, but I just HAD to read the next chapter! You really managed to write an incredible story, with such positivity that Voldemort and Dumbledore tried to fight. Thank you.
2/2 c106 Philip A Schmidt
oh what a wonderful story .just spent the last10 days reading it. very good job.
1/30 c106 Sabrina
I constantly read your stories This one is my favorite I have made reviews on it . I cry when James and Lily on the table to honor the family. My heart hurts when Harry thinks Hermione dies I rejoice when she is not. I know how the story ends everytime I reread it However I still am caught deep into it . Every high every low I try my best not to dislike Mrs Weasley. But I do . I like how you make Ron slowly grow up The friendships the devotion the love of family makes this one of my favorite stories on fanfiction Thank you so much . I appreciate your talent your words . I wish you would write a story about life after Voldemort a sequel more in depth than the last few chapters! Thank you again for allowing me to get lost and forget my worries for a few days . Sabrina Owens
1/31 c17 raoi23539
Damn I love this
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