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1/20 c3 19WhyTK
I love all of your stories! Please enable Private Messages so I can send you a suggestion for an omake of Harry's sorting.
1/18 c21 kiwihipp
Another great chapter!
Dumbledore just does not learn from past experiences.
Good that Sirius is exonerated and even better, the Elder wand is destroyed! The power though, passes to Harry; I wonder when Dumbledore will realise that?
Christmas sounds good for all parties!
1/17 c20 kiwihipp
Bloody marvellous chapter!
Emma and Dan learn that Harry has had many offers of marriage to various witches, all because of his wealth and potential position in the wizarding world. I’m so glad that he has had a goblin upbringing. Visiting some of his properties for the summer vacation sounds great.
So good that Bones managed to catch both Crouches in one go!
I hope Cornelius can keep his mouth shut, until Boxing Day.
Sirius Black will hopefully be found not guilty!
1/17 c19 kiwihipp
Oh dear! Dumbledore just can’t get it right these days!
Harry returning a cleansed diadem to the school makes him very welcome by Hogwarts.
Harry gifting a rare book to Snape, is a great way of them becoming ‘friends’!
Good on Harry for snubbing Dumbledore and then taking his friends to a sumptuous meal in a place they have never been!
The brooch to Amelia Bones is a good way of getting her to come to Gringotts, what a surprise she got.
Ginny got to meet her hero and realise that she hasn’t got a chance!
1/17 c18 kiwihipp
Oh, it’s getting better and better!
The young wizards and witches are actually learning about recent history and being taught to think about why it happened and how it could be prevented in the future. The teacher is not scared of standing up to Dumbledore!
Great timing to find the lost diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw and Harry being offered the room of requirement for his training in winter.
Severus making a photo album for Harry is the most incredible thing that could have happened.
What does Whitefang want Rita to find out? That will be interesting!
1/17 c17 kiwihipp
Well, well, well! Dumbledore on his arse again, without even trying!
1/16 c15 kiwihipp
What a shock for Harry to meet Sirius Black and find out that he is his godfather and never betrayed his parents! I’m glad it happened after his visit to the graveyard with Hermione and her father, although it was not good that Rita Skeeter came along. Well done to his friends at Hogwarts who stood up for him. Emma and Dan Granger are learning real fast what it is like to have their daughter be friends with a goblin raised wizard.
1/16 c14 kiwihipp
So a new history teacher who will teach proper history of Magic! Hermione introduced to betrothal contracts.
Old Crow being promoted to Centurion Crow! Things are moving forward and Albus thinks he’s gotten into Bill Weasley!
1/16 c13 kiwihipp
About time that Professor Binns was removed, especially after his goal was exposed! Dreadful!
1/16 c12 kiwihipp
What a sight that ‘fight’ would have been! A good eye opener for the wizarding world!
1/16 c11 kiwihipp
Great gifts Harry got Hermione for her birthday. I look forward to reading about her outing with Harry and his dad.
Good that Ron fin sally managed to apologise, although it took the surprising presence of his big brother to do it properly.
1/16 c10 kiwihipp
Jealous girls are just so dangerous! Good that they got what they deserved after being to nasty to Hermione.
So now Mr Malfoy senior will have to live a lot less ostentatiously until Draco comes of age. Six years might just teach him some manners and humility.
Let’s hope Ron doesn’t blow his last chance at Hogwarts!
1/16 c9 kiwihipp
So Bill will be a great ‘double’ agent, with Dumbledore thinking he’s got Bill on his side, when that is not the fact. Very clever of Barchoke and his director.
1/16 c8 kiwihipp
Oh wow! Well done Harry, for not killing Malfoy! The minister really doesn’t know how to handle things, except when it is accompanied by money. Good that Bill will teach them even more defence, they will need that shortly, it seems.
1/16 c105 divvycrip
A truly amazing and original variation of our favourite story. This was written to a professional level. I loved the new characters, especially the Director and Harry’s father. I loved every single chapter. I also loved that Dobby survived and was happy too. I was glad Ron sorted himself out, but equally glad Dumbledore did not. Thank you for a great and epic tale
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