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5/15/2013 c41 operamary
Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading " The Third Time". I just finished reading it for the 3rd time, as a matter of fact. I like to re-read some of my favorites. I have a lot of reading time at my job. I am lucky that way.
You gave us a great story with a lot of heart; please continue writing. Maybe series 6 will inspire you.
3/5/2013 c41 eileen0103
Your story was great! I loved reading it. Thank you for all you put into it.
3/2/2013 c16 9Drakkenfyre
This is a brilliantly written story so far. I hope you know how good a writer you are.
1/28/2013 c41 2clevergirl
Oh what an absolute ripper of a tale! As you advertised, it had everything one could possibly want in an adventure, plus the quite plausible and wrenching emotional journey M and L would need to take post season 5. Well done, brava, and thank you for the bracing, dynamically plotted and carefully researched yarn!
9/11/2012 c41 Guest
Really enjoyed your story, couldn't put it down! Are in the process of writing anymore stories?
7/26/2012 c30 11Bodmin
That must have been a shock for Martin. Keeping secrets from your partner is never a good idea, but in small communities it is outright stupid and dangerous. As soon someone knows, there is a high chance that the secret will be spilled sooner rather than later.
It was very unfair of Louisa to keep her whole career turmoil for herself. When they are living together, even the first thoughts about job changes, especially if they have an influence on their way of living, have to be shared. Martin has any right to be upset, but he is silently brooding, while Louisa is erupting although she has no reason at all, as we know, but she doesn't.
But then the blasted phone rings again...
7/26/2012 c29 Bodmin
Oh, there is so much poison in eyewitness accounts, especially when they are not completely free of personal interests. And Louisa's insecurities don't help much either. Maybe an open talk about this information with the person involved wouldn't be a bad idea. But Louisa is hurt and torn apart and it came at a moment when she was struggling anyhow if being with Martin was what she wants, at least if she want that more than Portwenn.
Difficult times, and so little trust.
7/26/2012 c28 Bodmin
Point is Martin has a better memory, no distraction from his work for ages and brilliant observation skills. So he sees things others don't and can put a name to it. And even when he would certainly deny this, he cares about his patients and can't let it rest until he had found a solution.
Nice one that the Doc has now a stand-in to do the insults for him.
7/26/2012 c27 Bodmin
Good to see that Martin had found someone reasonably intelligent to talk to and who has other subjects up his sleeve than other people's matters.
6/23/2012 c26 Bodmin
The wheels are spinning and it seems everything points into the same direction, that Martin has to keep his promise and stay for Louisa's sake, while Louisa is climbing up the career ladder.

Interesting you put the same thought into Ruth's mouth that I had Martin say in my story - Ellinghams and procreation isn't a good idea.
6/23/2012 c25 Bodmin
At least they had a nice day all around. It's good that Louisa challenges Martin and discovers new pleasures herself. I bet he didn't keep reading for too long, and in a way he is right - it was preferable that he did wash himself before.

However, I guess it's hanging the decision whether to move to London hangs over them like the Sword of Damocles.
6/21/2012 c24 Bodmin
You really made it quite hard for Louisa. Who would be able to resist such an opportunity? And Stu has quite a mean streak, although I can understand his interest in keeping Louisa in town.

One thing's for sure - one of them has to make a major compromise, but who?
6/21/2012 c23 Bodmin
There's a lot of progress in this chapter. Louisa has learned to ignore the ill talk of others. It doesn't matter if they approve of her choice, as long as she is happy with what she's got.

Martin had learned not to comment on everything, especially when he is not in tune with Louisa.

The bridge game went fairly well and the Christening is planned to Louisa's liking. And finally, they have their little reward - and I don't mean the book.
6/20/2012 c22 Bodmin
Well, I've got mixed feelings about this chapter. Why does he have to play bridge with strangers to make her happy? Is he only playing because she expects him to, because he is scared she might leave him again? How long can a relationship like that last? Is it enough that he survived the game of chess? Isn't that something you should enjoy, and if you don't there's no point in doing it?

I can see that you want to show that he changes within his limits, that he invests in their relationship. I just think Louisa expects maybe not too much, but the wrong things.
6/20/2012 c21 Bodmin
Yeah, Penhale really is a rather good-hearted character. Dumb, but friendly.

I doubt Martin sees the result as positive. For him, only a dead dog is a good dog.
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