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6/19/2012 c20 11Bodmin
The Bridge game sounds like an intelluctual challenge, so maybe not completely untintersting. I hope Garvey will be around long enough.
6/19/2012 c19 Bodmin
Sad business, less so for Harry, as he had succumbed to his true love, but sad for Garvey and possibly the twins to have a warning so close at hand and then slipping away.
6/19/2012 c18 Bodmin
How consoling to have a friend who stays with you until the end. Sad but true that some people don't seem to find any other friend than Harry did (whom, by the way, you once called Harvey).
6/18/2012 c17 Bodmin
Nice that Peter had found a chess tutor. I guess Martin can teach him a thing or three, before he gets his lessons from the head mistress.

I suppose what's on the menu doesn't have any nutricious value at all that night.
6/18/2012 c16 Bodmin
Interesting how spaghetti with meatballs can turn into a battlefield. At least a truce was won.
6/17/2012 c15 Bodmin
I think Louisa might have false hopes. I don't see Martin being friends with Matthias. He might respect that Matthias knows that he is doing the wrong thing but choses to be stubborn, without whinging. He is definetly interested in the extraordinary clock. I don't see him sit down at the fire and have a chat.
6/17/2012 c14 Bodmin
Yeah, sympathy isn't really a strong trait in Portwenn. If something bad happens to the Doc, everyone's having a ball.

I can imagine they want Lousia to stay, and Louisa wants to stay, but Martin cannot stay and can't bear to stay. Quite a dilemma.
6/16/2012 c13 Bodmin
The right motivation is everything. It's good for Martin to have this imagine to retreat to, to drive him on.

And on another note - he is absolutely right to report those dogs. They are a potential hazard, and have to be watched closely.
6/16/2012 c12 Bodmin
At least he knows how to make her happy - very happy - inside their own home. He even understood to involve her more. He even accepted her spontaneous need, despite having fallen asleep on the couch before.

If only the world outside could miraculously dissappear. And if he just didn't feel he had to cover those moments of ectasy with something practical.
6/16/2012 c11 Bodmin
I feel sorry for the two of them. Martin, desperately trying to make Louisa happy and going along with her suggestion, knowing that it can't end well, doomed from the first second. Louisa, desperately trying to form Martin so that she can accept him, but not realising that it won't do any good if he's solely doing it for her sake, that he will never enjoy this kind of thing, no matter how hard he tries.

In my opinion, Louisa has to accept that she has to go out on her own, offering Martin to join her, perhaps, but accept when he declines and simple have a fun day or evening on her own, coming home, telling him how the day has been, and enjoying being together just with him. And she should be thankful to have a willing, trustworthy babysitter at every time.
6/13/2012 c20 9Boots1980
Catching up on the story. The last minute friends Martin is making may hold him to Portwenn. Lot's of hope for resolving matters between him, Louisa and the village
6/13/2012 c10 11Bodmin
At least Martin and Louisa chose the same furniture, even if for totally different reasons.

And so much for spontaneaty. It was well researched. I can't really blame him. I know the symptom.

I can see that the day was good for Martin, but I suppose Louisa had been a bit dissappointed - once or twice (or trice...)
6/13/2012 c9 Bodmin
Planning to be spontaneous - on schedule! That's a good one! I really like that. And then being spontaneous on two fronts. Louisa is really asking a lot.

I'm glad he could conquer his fear of rejection, and she could control her impulse to flee away.

The plans to buy new furniture sounds almost as if Martin is prepared to stay in Portwenn.
6/11/2012 c8 Bodmin
You portrayed very well Louisa's need for re-assurance. She needs positive feedback from everyone around her. Isobel doesn't follow that pattern, so Louisa is tempted to stop the conversation. Maybe she could make Lousia see some home truths nevertheless.

In my book, Isobal has to make up for ruining the wedding day. I always suspected that the biggest doubts crept in when Isobal reminded Louisa that she always wanted to mary a doctor. So what was her attraction to Martin?
6/11/2012 c7 Bodmin
Very nice dialogue, and spot on. I think you portrayed both very well. And very useful advice from Aunt Ruth, too, but not so easy to follow. Martin has to practically revise all his coping mechanisms, which is harder than to install them. And having to cope with another blow doesn't make it easier.
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