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2/14/2017 c9 79YeagerMeister31
well this was interesting
2/13/2017 c7 YeagerMeister31
well that was interesting chapter
2/12/2017 c6 YeagerMeister31
well this was a cool chapter
2/12/2017 c5 YeagerMeister31
well this was interesting and they had fun also awesome
2/12/2017 c4 YeagerMeister31
well this was interesting
2/11/2017 c3 YeagerMeister31
just watched this arc but it was cool
2/10/2017 c2 YeagerMeister31
well this was nice
2/10/2017 c1 YeagerMeister31
well this was an interesting start to the story
5/8/2016 c7 Guest
Awsome so when are natsu and erza going to get it in please add unnecessary moaning and details of the scene plz
3/15/2016 c3 Guest
Dammit!, you're right. NaZa forever.
7/31/2014 c9 Guest
6/30/2014 c11 1All for the Peace
Sorry to hear all this crazy stuff was happening to you I really do like your story and hope you can continue but take your time please dont ruse for us
5/27/2014 c11 Victorypeace
Plz update soon!
5/25/2014 c11 Guest
Its been months for updates...do it soon
4/11/2014 c2 6Lightningblade49
Id kill Happy at this Point he has a big mouth and is very forgetful.
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