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for The Dragon and the Knight

5/3/2013 c2 3NeroSparda420
man this story is great i really love this it was the first i ever read too your awesome
3/18/2013 c9 kt
more please
3/19/2013 c9 kitnz
update please!
3/1/2013 c9 Guest
Come on I really want you to continue
2/18/2013 c9 vishal
Next chapter
2/14/2013 c9 ActiveSleeper
Give me a U, give me a P, give me a D, give me a A, give me a T, give me a E what does it spell
P.S Could you do it soon I really can't wait for the next chapter
P.P.S Just thought I could give you some high school cheering criticism
2/6/2013 c9 vishal
next update chapter
2/6/2013 c9 nick
next chapter
2/5/2013 c9 kiran
next chapter
2/5/2013 c9 rick
Cool chapter next chapter
2/4/2013 c9 rick
next chapter
12/10/2012 c7 guirunex
incredible story and update hopefully soon
12/9/2012 c9 1jacobmillenbach37
unbelievable man simply unbelievable.
12/7/2012 c8 redundant killer 10
hey if it'ds summer you will write straight? right.
12/1/2012 c9 guest
I cant wait for the next chapter. I think you should just keep up the romance but add even more action at the same time.
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