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for The Dragon and the Knight

11/29/2012 c9 guest
I cant wait for the next chapter
11/12/2012 c2 13corialanus
I like this story so far, I too wished for more between Natsu and Erza at the Tower of Heaven. I'm just curious as to why Erza wants to keep it a secret, unless I missed it I don't think she ever explained it. Anyway I'll keep reading and enjoying.
11/11/2012 c9 12phantom130 5
RIP Simon :(
Amazing chapter. :'3
11/10/2012 c9 VictoryPeace
Oh yes, edolas arc, plz tournament arc as well. Plz update soon!
11/9/2012 c9 darkhuntressxir
natsu so sweet.. lots need to be reveal about natsu apocalypse power...
11/9/2012 c9 138Toaneo07 Ver2.0
10/25/2012 c7 brave10lover
I really love this chapter! But there's something im confused about isnt acnologia evil. well it doesnt matter keep up the good work
10/9/2012 c8 5AkiraLynn
Yay! I finally read your story! Any who I'm happy that such a good story, is officially the first Fairy Tail story I have read :D Great job Maxie-kun! :)
8/27/2012 c7 LyneLim
God ! This fic is the best !
Please update soon !
8/29/2012 c7 8death1500
Long chapter
8/20/2012 c7 12phantom130 5
Normally I don't think you like Lucy very must, but I was happy during her fight with Angel because you didn't make her completely useless. Great chapter man and good luck with the next one.
8/17/2012 c6 VictoryPeace
Man, great fanfic. When will you update?
8/18/2012 c7 59I.-.-.I Kuroyagi I.-.-.I
I must confess that I feel flattered by your words, and honored too, you're a great writer as well.

The chapter was great, it entertain me a while from my writing and it also gave a smile to my face. Now I want to see what you'll do next, a new arc or the Edolas arc... you'll have a great chance to make some troubles for Natsu with the two Erzas, romantically speaking of course, and that's something to look forward to.

Keep on writing, you're doing great.

8/18/2012 c7 138Toaneo07 Ver2.0
coool ,i like
8/5/2012 c1 VictoryPeace
Plz continue!
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