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8/3/2012 c6 59I.-.-.I Kuroyagi I.-.-.I
It was... good, I guess. Interesting take on the story...

Though, you need to get a little better, you have many mistakes and sometimes you miss words or use some that are too literal in their meaning. That kind of cuts the charm in your story. But it's nothing a good proofreading can't fix.

Overall, great, just fix your mistakes and you'll be excellent.

7/28/2012 c6 Oak
Hey This is the most an awesome fiction between two of the most epic characters of fairy tail! Please keep at it!
7/26/2012 c2 itsnicetobenaughty
didnt i tell you to stop spamming her
-lol smiley face
7/26/2012 c1 itsnicetobenaughty
you damn noob stop spamming marys phone
-come at me bro
7/23/2012 c6 12phantom130 5
Great update! I can't wait to see the rest of the arc! I'm hoping for Natsu to confront Jellal later on.
7/21/2012 c6 darkhuntressxir
cant wait to see natsu vs brain/zero...haha
7/20/2012 c6 8death1500
Omg awesome!
7/20/2012 c6 7Marina Rose
psh NaZa...i make no promises
7/7/2012 c5 lucifer.94
Cool work...
Interestin plot...
Waiting to see wat happens when the story hits edolas ark...
7/2/2012 c5 4Excessive Recon
ahahaha! I find the ending bit quite funny where Happy looked exhausted and Makarov looking very suspicious xD I really wanna read on so i hope you will update soon!
7/1/2012 c5 7Marina Rose
AWWWW okay so the almost getting raped scene did work
6/29/2012 c5 12phantom130 5
I really like the idea of this new arc. You've also gotten a bit better at keeping chapter. Great job, this is really starting to get good. Update soon! :D
6/29/2012 c4 phantom130 5
You included one of my favorite scenes from the Fairy Tail manga. I love the scene when Erza sees Mystogan's face.
It would have been neat if Erza was able to save Natsu from the lightning bolt rather than Gajeel.
Laxus is a jerk!
Sad moment when Laxus and Makarov had to say goodbye though.
Awesome chapter, even if it's really similar to the anime and manga I can tell you're putting a lot of work into them.
Loved the apocalypse fire idea. I almost thought that really happened. It was really well written into everything.
6/29/2012 c3 phantom130 5
Wow, a really long chapter this time. Great job! Your writing has really grown! :D
You don't like Lucy much do you? XD
This chapter seems really similar to the Fairy Tail manga though. Try your best to stray away from the story as much as possible. I always sort of find it boring when writers reuse an arc even if it was an important part of the series. Maybe you can make up your own arcs.
6/29/2012 c2 phantom130 5
The story still seems a little out of character, but this chapter is a lot better than the first. Erza seems really vengeful, with wanting to Lucy and then later Happy. Erza and Natsu seem cute together. I liked the scene when Happy went in. I love how immature he is XD
Oh, I like Erza's demand when she says Natsu must be stronger than her. It's funny to picture the fact that Natsu's girlfriend can easily kill him.
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