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6/4/2013 c11 Jo
This was brilliant. So well written! I discovered your stories and have read a few, I'm really enjoying it. Keep writing!
6/11/2012 c11 9Queenie's Broken Heart
Ah! More, please more!

This was a well written narrative - totally exciting and great charactarisation. You definitely showed Dominique's bravery throughout the story and there were some really sweet moments between her and Molly. Lily's death was heartbreaking ... I loved that bit about Ginny looking like a little girl because she hadn't known trouble like this since she was young. I hope you'll maybe write a sequel - so many unanswered questions - but even if you don't it's fantastic slice of these characters and some moments that defined them. Great job! :)
6/9/2012 c11 51Alohaemora
This was excellent. Honestly, I can't tell you how brilliant it is that you managed to spin an eleven-chapter tale out of such a simple prompt. Dominique's character was excellent – her strength and determination was palpable. And, your writing style really worked well for this plot. Clean, simple, swift, but very expressive. Well done! :) Thank you for the submission!
6/8/2012 c11 Ali
WHY WOULD YOU END IT THERE! *bursts into hysterical tears*

I loved that! Your writing style is amazing and the plot was brilliant! You almost had me in tears when Lily died :'( but then again, I was cracking up at the "Potter Eaters" bit ;')

Would you please maybe, just maybe, consider writing a bit more!

Thanks for the read!

Much love,

Ali xo
6/7/2012 c11 Saphy18
that was so sad and very well written.
6/7/2012 c5 Saphy18
omg. this is so sad.
6/7/2012 c11 8nadenelouis3
what? NO NO NO!

That can't be it. What happens? Who exactly are the 'Potter Eaters?' Who's their leader? What's their aim? Do Harry and co save the day? Do James, Albus, Louis...live? Are they dead? What about Roxy and Lucy for fighting?

How do the family deal with Lily being killed?

Those b*****ds killed Lily, surely Harry is going to be beserk? WHAT?

You can't leave it like this! Pleeeeeeaaase?
6/7/2012 c10 nadenelouis3
I can see the Weasley/Potter boys being dead for not co-operating with the plan :'(

BUT if they respect death eaters...Malfoy? His family (even though they turned at last minute) were the biggest, and at one time, the most powerful death eaters around...surely he'd get a little respect?
6/7/2012 c9 nadenelouis3
poor Lily :( she died for a cloak

if it was Lucy or Roxanne or Rose I wouldn't be so upset, but it's /Lily/ :( she's my all time favorite HP character

this was really good, again, haha

oooh what's going to happen next? Is there going to be guards in the room?

All those older students who now have wands can easily duel long enough to create a distraction...

if Dominique has got floo powder I pressume she's going to go to a family member, most likely Ron/Hermione/Harry...how is she going to explain that Lily is dead? *sob*
6/7/2012 c8 nadenelouis3
riiight, the plan is sort of coming together now :)

in that last review I meant, acts before she thinks not speaks :)
6/7/2012 c7 nadenelouis3
another great chapter

I like how Dominique acts before she speaks, typical Gryffindor
6/7/2012 c6 nadenelouis3
alright, more confused now I think but this was still brilliant

but maybe you could put a note about the plot or something?
6/7/2012 c5 nadenelouis3
oh wow

you killed Lily? WHAT? I'm crying! YOU KILLED LILY?
6/7/2012 c4 nadenelouis3
Ok so I'm not as confused as before, but still slightly confused if that makes sense? What is going on? Who are the guards? Where are the boys?
6/7/2012 c3 nadenelouis3
I'm a little confused now, maybe the next chapter will clear some things up

was there a certain plotline you had to go along with for the competition?
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