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for In the Middle of the Night

11/20/2021 c23 Micky
I like the angst, it’s my favourite part :)
4/13/2020 c33 2lisca
What a nice story! I really liked how you wrote about House’s pain. As viewers we tend to forget House is always feeling pain, sometimes less, sometimes more but it’s always there. His colleagues, even Wilson sometimes forget too. I’m glad they slowly become more aware of his issues! Especially Chase, I’m not his biggest fan but I really enjoyed him here!
Thank you for writing xx
6/10/2019 c33 marie
Hope you are alright!
I liked that story a lot, get well!
11/10/2016 c19 Well hello there
This is sooo good, i can't wait for more chapters
11/10/2016 c12 Adamapocalypse
This is so goddamn good, like you should think about becoming a writer. I love this and I love the story, vulnerable house is my kruptonite XD
6/1/2016 c11 1catlovemeow
You are an amazing writer. You should be an author. This chapter made me cry. Please continue writing. :)
3/29/2016 c33 Guest
You got this down pretty good. Not finished, But what are you going to do. Most aren't. I thought House was a little sappy, and would never actually act like it, had Cuddy and House stayed together (oh how I wish they would have, Huddy forever 3) All in all, Amazing.
12/6/2015 c33 4annabelthegreat
this is a great premise and you're holding it up really well... brilliantly in fact, i know its been a while, but is there any chance of an update... this story is too good to just leave...!
10/6/2015 c33 hedwigsart
Wild ride! Wish you'd finish it, but you do have to put yourself first. Love it so far )
10/6/2015 c10 hedwigsart
This is amazing, can't wait to read more! This is exactly what I need after watching the last season... Huddy for the win )
8/7/2015 c33 bigadog
6/26/2015 c32 4jadedolphin
This is really a great story. I love how you are talking about such sensitive issues such as abuse and showing House's vulnerable side but still keeping him and all others in character.

I was confused about one thing though. I thought by this time in the storyline, Kutner had already committed suicide. I thought that was one of the things you were referring to when Cuddy was contemplating House's aversion to change. That and the fact that Kutner had not been present or even mentioned earlier in the story.

Still loving the story either way though and I am looking forward to an update!
2/23/2015 c33 Guest
This story is amazing. I hope you are doing well and will finish this story!
1/4/2015 c33 8GoddessLaughs
This is a lovely, well-written story with great emotion and brilliant characterization. I've loved every last word and hope that the time comes where you enjoy working on it again.
1/3/2015 c33 Nivaegae
This is fantastic so far! I hope you finish it for us!
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