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12/28/2012 c2 jacklyn
"wait. I think, my dear, we have a guest" my friend and i call this scene "crazy rabid squirrel"
7/15/2012 c22 PhantomoftheOperaPhans
Oooooo! Can't wait to see what happens next!
7/7/2012 c22 9Alana Fox
my, my, will erik strike again this time or will he fail again? and is this an e/c or c/r?
7/6/2012 c22 LaurenvBelladonna
Really good chapter :) It was short but still well written!
7/6/2012 c22 Guest
I thought that this story was finished, but thank you for continuing! :)
Poor Christine... Shame on you, Erik!
Thank you again, for the update!
7/6/2012 c22 8PhantomFan01
Because she was worried for her baby probably...can't wait for the next instalment :)
6/27/2012 c22 norisclub
oh wow congrats on the new job! have fun and i hope you update soon :D but dont worry about it if youre busy
6/26/2012 c22 5deanna37
Okay, I understand! Wow, your a teacher, now? Thats cool! I hope it works out well! :)

And thanks for deciding to write more! But since your a teacher now, take the time you need- after all, you can't rush perfection! :)
6/25/2012 c21 3TwilightLove100
Please continue! Update soon!
6/24/2012 c21 PhantomoftheOperaPhans
Aww... so glad she lived! cant wait to see what will happen to angel and christine next!
6/23/2012 c21 4hotpocketjesus
Short, but interesting! Angel.. I wonder what Raoul would think of him. The whole Christine Angel of Music connection
6/23/2012 c21 LaurenvBelladonna
Alright! Christine living and going strong!
6/22/2012 c21 8PhantomFan01
What a lovely name for a lovely baby :) Can't wait for the next instalment :)
6/22/2012 c21 norisclub
awww this chapter was so adorable im glad christine was ok and i liked the name you gave their daughter i thought that was clever how you did that any way here you go your ver own offical mustache of approval :{D
6/21/2012 c21 5deanna37
Yay, she's alive- and so is the baby! :D

Aww, thats cool that they named her Angel. :)

I'm so glad that they didn't die.

Is there more, or is this the end?
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