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for Scenes From The Mahabharata

7/11/2014 c4 vijay kumar
Who is the wife of dushasana?dushasana had son named durmashana who is strong ang equal to killed abhimanyu in the is the mother of durmashana?
9/23/2013 c4 anu
just to noe do you know the base of mahabharat.?

Because Im an Indian and I know fairly well about it.
could just message here if need help

good try anyways
6/23/2013 c3 naynn
Two points: Karna has briefly met the Kuru clan by this point in the storyline; he goes to Parashuram only because Drona, who is teacher to princes, has refused to teach the son of a charioteer. So the question of defeating Arjun (who he knows of mostly by reputation) and solidarity to Duryodhan (who befriends Karna years after this episode) do not really arise.
Secondly, Karna is too devout a student to think of his guru as a hypocrite, even to himself. You have to understand the deep code of Dharma entrenched in the psyche of the noblest in this age to realise that Karna would be too grateful to his guru, who'd be in a position greater than god for him, both for accepting him as a student when no one else would, and for his own prowess as a warrior, for him to entertain thoughts of his guru's hypocrisy. That would be close to sacrilege for him. Not something a high-minded Karna would indulge in.
6/23/2013 c1 naynn
Beautifully expressed and very well-written. Is this the first time you've encountered Mahabharat? Because to choose such a minor scene and to turn it into something so poignant can only happen if you are very well-versed with the epic or are reading it with close attention to individual chapters in the text.
Moving on to read the other chapters :)
11/12/2012 c1 1FashionablyHospitable
I remember reading this as a child. At first, it was another fairy tale, but the whole values dissonance ruined it once I got into middle school.
10/20/2012 c1 mark3232
I mean not been screwed. I can't use this at all, can I? Sorry.
9/25/2012 c4 4kimberlite8
I liked the outrage of this piece, the righteous indignation comes across really well. The build up of tension through the recital of grievances and the release of that tension through the bow string was well done!
9/11/2012 c1 kimberlite8
"We had a curiously happy relationship for co-wives, but then with a husband like Pandu, there wasn't much to get jealous over."

This line made me laugh. The rest made me squirm.

I'm not familiar with the Mahabharata, so I don't understand the context of this tale. But all stories of suttee elicit such an intensity of emotion in me, since it started out as a symbol of overwhelming grief then became compulsory, a vile symbol of how worthless women were in society.

Enjoyed this drabble and the emotion it evoked. The last line "the emptiness that Madri left, destroying the bricks and mortar of every other part of my heart" was very beautiful.
7/30/2012 c4 anon
Thanks! These are true to the source material. I find the flowing thoughts are very good, but some phrases are too long.

Overall, very interesting! Thanks!

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