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4/14/2013 c33 chillwithJyl
4/14/2013 c33 nonameistoolong
AHH! She's gonna stay!

Or at least that's what I would say if I hadn't already read everything else you've written and know that everything could change between now and the end... I've got my eye on you, missy!
4/14/2013 c33 bookfreak25
Yay Caroline is going to stay in the past with Damon as for Caroline worrying about elena falling for Damon i don't think she has to worry she can handle elena and i think Damon it too in love with Caroline to hurt her like that i can't wait to read the next chapter Please Update Soon :)
4/14/2013 c33 18AngelIvySalvatore
Holy crap, I swear you are a bloody genius lol.
4/14/2013 c33 Damon's Vampire Barbie
Really enjoyed this chapter I'm kind of glad that D/C are back together. I really wanted Caroline to go back to the present but oh well. Present-Damon's reaction is going to be very interesting.
4/14/2013 c33 sweetyville
WOW! I can't wait to see how will future-Damon react! Please update really soon!
4/14/2013 c33 5Chocolate Cupcake Lover
YAY THEY GOT BACK TOGETHER! WOOP WOOP! I'm glad that Care is going to stay but I was kind of looking forward to her past-self to fall in love with Damon, and Future-Daroline interaction... I wonder what's going to happen with Stelena, Elijah/Elena and Rebekah/Stefan.

Anyway amazing as always! 10/10 XD *_*
4/14/2013 c33 1Serinity Clearwater
Ooh yea the regular updates give me life and happiness.
4/14/2013 c33 phuong1317
Yay! A new chapter Damon is so sweet but I am certain that Caroline has to go back to her time it cant all be happy
4/11/2013 c32 2KrayKrayKat
Wow! Nice and idiotic cliffhanger!;) but did you honestly have to make Stefan and Damon cheat in the girls? Like nothing against the fic it's still great but the cheating stuff is kinda over done...this is not a flame though and I any wait for the next chapter:)
4/7/2013 c32 Guest
Yay! U updated restart ! My fav fic ever!
Welcome back !
4/7/2013 c32 dearest starzee
I am pleased my review inspired you to write . I just wanted you to realise that you are possibly the best writer on here and that we all enjoy your stories. its nice to see you back xx
4/5/2013 c32 Guest
Darolina is way better than Delena!

i love her more than Elena , her nature is pretty awesome as compared to elena!

Great fic... One of my favorite!
Waiting for an update!
4/4/2013 c32 Guest
Great! Keep going!
4/3/2013 c32 Guest
it makes sense that they would get turned on, but not to the point that they can't control themselves. elijah wouldn't lose control.
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