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1/9/2013 c31 nightfallsupernova
loved the kol/caroline interaction but i had to laugh at caroline's naievty at they way she unknowingly made a blood deal with kol. great chapter, i liked that damon was completely honest with her and she was the same with him. look forward to reading more.
1/9/2013 c31 nonameistoolong
YAY! I'm a very happy pixie! Kol's a jackass but he's nothing compared to our Damon. Update Soon.
1/9/2013 c31 Phoenix1592
Caroline didn't know what she was doing when she agreed to the blood deal with Kol

and Damon made an equally unbreakable deal with her,
1/9/2013 c31 bitrix
this is, of all your stories, my favorite! i hope that nothing happens with Kol!
1/9/2013 c31 chillwithJyl
1/9/2013 c31 blueberry24
Damon is really showing his softer side, i wonder what future Damon thinks. Especially about the Blood deal
1/9/2013 c31 Lazydreamer99
Loved the chapter and I really dont want her to have sex with kol can't wait for the next chapter ;)
1/8/2013 c31 vikki.dillard
I love this!So happy you updated!
1/8/2013 c31 Guest
thankyou so much for updating i have been checking to see if you have updated any of your awesome daroline stories like 5 times a day. thanks again your awesome
1/8/2013 c31 18AngelIvySalvatore
Wow, heated chapter! Kol's a bit of a dick, eh?
1/8/2013 c31 6Raistlin99
So much flufffffffff! love it.
1/8/2013 c31 M3TA4S
This is so funny how kols trying to flirt at caroline and this new blood deals idea is amazing. Hope update asap!
1/8/2013 c31 SMOAKin'HOT
THAT was awesome! sooo glad you are back i started to worry! but im happy everything is ok now i you will be writing again :)
1/8/2013 c31 bunnykay
I'm so happy you are back, & I love both blood deals, hope you update soon, because I just know hunting with Kol would be funny if he is trying to get Caroline.
1/8/2013 c1 Guest
Yay! My fave!
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