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10/17/2013 c3 Faye
Loving the Caroline/Damon interactions so far. A little hesitant about the changes from past to present. It does add to the story but it also makes the flow a bit choppy. Moving forward!
10/17/2013 c1 Faye
This is a really intriguing story. I absolutely adore Caroline and could see her with Damon (minus the whole mind rape stuff). Can't wait to see where this goes!
10/15/2013 c34 joy
Can u write a damon/ric story i love them so much
10/15/2013 c34 joy
I know i'm late to review but i only started reading the story yesterday and it seemed so damn intersting so i kept reading it all day long i cant believe that im finaly done omg its simply perfect i wish that the original story ended up like this i love it so damn much i usualy hate the caroline and damon stories but this one is byonde amazing i realy am so in love with it thank u so much please continue as soon as u can
10/12/2013 c14 joy
Awwwww i love you
10/12/2013 c34 Kenyatta Marie
You should update this story!
9/22/2013 c34 2little miss michelle
Could not stop reading this story! Love it !
9/19/2013 c1 rosa
more chapters please faster taking forever
9/17/2013 c33 mi.ff29
nooo :(((( I hope she said just to make him feel better...
9/17/2013 c32 mi.ff29
uff, glad that she didn't sleep with Kol, I really thought that she will...but I am still concerned what Kol meant that he is not finished with her. But I have to say, that I love that Elena slept with Elijah (though I like Kol/Elena more, I think they would be hot). Maybe this means that Elena will be with Elijah in the future?
9/17/2013 c31 mi.ff29
please, don't ruin it with some sex with Kol, that would be gross, plus its bad enough that Elijah and Stefan are attracted to her too (I think). I am really scared to read more, I don't want to find out that she slept with Kol, it would ruin the story for me.
9/17/2013 c29 mi.ff29
I don't understand, how can future Damon be with her too If she will stay in the past? I would say that its other way around, since past Damon isn't the same as future Damon, I know that eventually they all will remember it all, but it still won't be the same, I think. Also, I am a bit confused about what will happen when she is back...she won't be like she was when she was human, right? she will be the same like she was when she went back to the past, only she will not remember what happened in the past, no? lol, I guess it will be better If I wait and see :))
9/17/2013 c28 mi.ff29
please, don't make her stay in the past, especially now, when she said that If she goes back to the future, she won't remember their relationship for a year. That would be amazing, because this way, it would still be Caroline who doesn't know this loving Damon, so future Damon would have to fight for her, to convince her that he doesn't love Elena and so.
9/17/2013 c22 mi.ff29
I like that Caroline is cautious when it comes to future Damon, I am looking forward for the first time they are face to face, first time they really kiss and so...
Though I don't like that Stefan has feelings for her, thats just weird.
9/17/2013 c21 mi.ff29
please, I hope there won't be more about Stefan crushing on Caroline, that would mess up everything.
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