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6/25/2013 c1 A Deathless Song
Really well written. I love how you captured Takasugi's character from an outside point of view.
6/7/2013 c1 15afterfourteenyears
Kinda left me a bit confused... But it's still great. I could really picture the atmosphere you created here. You write sentences so simply, I think that's pleasant for the reader. And the words just flow and connect well together. :D
5/31/2013 c1 5Niente de Nada
I was surprised and dismayed when I discovered that I hadn't reviewed this fic even though it's been on my favourites list for a while, and I read it way back when I was first discovering Gintama. Well, better late than never, I suppose.

Nice window into Takasugi's activities in Kyoto, as referenced in Benizakura arc. Takasugi as glimpsed from afar. Mysterious, unsettling, intense, pouring out his thoughts to someone he senses understands him a little.
1/18/2013 c1 65Frog-kun
The ambiguity here is what gets me. I can't say this was the type of fic I was looking for in the Gintama fandom, but you wrote it so well that I have no complaints. Your writing style is so seamless I find myself drawn into the story no matter what kind of plotline you write. Really good stuff.
6/11/2012 c1 10kurasuchi
This story was wonderfully written, and I commend you for that. You did a good job writing this; I love the fact that you portrayed Takasugi as somewhat of a hero and a criminal at the same time, and it was intriguing. I hope to see more from you.
6/10/2012 c1 78Garowyn
This was brilliant. I've really been into Takasugi lately (just received my copy of the Gintama movie!), and how he is such a complex character. This story really shows how he may not be seen as a villain by others.

Well done, my friend, well done!

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