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for Strawberry Pie

2/17/2013 c4 56castielsweetness
WHERE IS *PANTS* THE REST?! I'M DYING. I. NEED. CONCLUSION. *Runs around hysterically* PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE WRITE MORE SOON. *Dies only to be ressurected when new chapter is posted*
6/27/2012 c3 teddyBearcookies
lol saying not so sad... xD
6/27/2012 c2 teddyBearcookies
Kashino's not gonna die? Right? O.O
6/27/2012 c1 teddyBearcookies
Awww! :S
6/24/2012 c4 15StrawberryDream15
Wait, let me guess... Ichigo keeps remaking her strawberry pies because she believes they don't have enough passion inside, when in reality they actually taste good? I dunno, just guessing. c(:

Poor Kashino. XD Ichigo's dense as always.

Another update soon, please! And I wanna take over your family's shop, Andou. XD Jk...
6/23/2012 c3 38Mikashimotaku
(Sorry for the late review, I swear I already reviewed...)

Anyway. This is so... Tragic in a way. It's beautiful how romantic this is, having only some time left with each other before Kashino goes off to war and he may not even come back. They become so close only to be torn apart. So tragic. This is really touching my heart.

Short but sweet chapters, and it's not a bad thing. As the common saying goes, quality over quantity. And you definetly have quality.

Keep updating!

Mikashi-chan :)
6/15/2012 c3 15StrawberryDream15
I couldn't imagine being Ichigo at that moment... T.T It's so painful to go through something like this... But nevertheless, they should spend their next month together to the fullest! :')

Keep updating, please! :D
6/12/2012 c2 StrawberryDream15
Haha, I don't wanna enlist as a soldier... xD I'm too young to anyway... But I'll keep reviewing without a doubt! ;)

Ah, okay. I understand! :D This story is going great so far, and I think it'll turn out pretty awesome! Poor Ichigo and Kashino... But Ma-kun would really give up his dream for a war instead? Well, I see how that could be true, since it's for the sake of others...

Looking forward to the next chappie! Have fun writing. :3
6/11/2012 c1 38Mikashimotaku
That was good! Short but sweet! Why would you delete your other stories? I loved them...!

Anyway, this story is so intriguing. The questions that race through your head. The whole war setting is so enticing!

Could the letter be calling Kashino to war? How old are he and Ichigo? Are they in a relationship?

So many questions to be answered. Please update!

Mikashi-chan :)
6/11/2012 c1 15StrawberryDream15
No, Kashino's gonna fight? D: This can't be good... Wait, I'm just assuming right now. xD

Keep going! Creative! :) But why did you delete the other two stories? Oh, well; they're yours anyway. Please update soon! :3

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