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3/29/2020 c5 Guest
How did Sena get down from the rafters?! Is Hiruma going to shoot someone? We need to know!
12/15/2018 c5 Ainah Mangata
Why did you end there?
9/6/2018 c5 Mmchocolaholic
More please
6/9/2018 c5 Guest
Please continue! I can't wait to find out what happens next!
9/9/2016 c5 TheWitchintheAbyss
Goh if hiruma catches him. Ima flip.
6/9/2016 c3 Taiga Hibari
40 yards about 36 meters.
1/8/2016 c5 9CouldNotThinkOfAName
que the heart attacks and dial 9-1-1 this fic is making laugh! Please contuine!
11/19/2015 c4 2Alyus Phoenix
But... in the equation 2x36x-1, isn't the answer x1, not x-1? Sorry, I just can't help but notice. Either way, it's an interesting piece of story and I hope you update soon!
6/26/2015 c1 sugarmebaby
6/24/2015 c5 lifelovelaugh
Omfg hes gunna kill himself talking about a cliffhanger :(
4/29/2015 c2 41sierra.steinbrecher
WHy on earth did Hiruma jump him within minutes of meeting him? No one falls that fast!
3/14/2015 c3 Guest
This is so amazing, one of the best fics I have read so far for this fandom! Great job! Keep up the good work and update soon please!
9/21/2014 c5 1kyothefallenkit
Aww so many good stories that I hope you will one day finish whenever you can XD
9/12/2014 c5 32Hweianime
Ahhhh this is soooo exciting! I can't wait for u to update! OMG and jumonji sooo cute too I so hope for more time with Shin as well!
8/7/2014 c5 filipalope88
another chapter please
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