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for Che, Freaking Kitty

6/20/2012 c5 Sachiel Angelo
Haha I love seeing how different Sena is here. His cat logic is amusing.
6/16/2012 c5 Lee
I glad to see that this story is back. I am hopeful that you'll update soon! Keep up the wonderful work.
6/16/2012 c3 cfaithcsf
the time you gave for the 40yard dash has been irritating quite a bit so...

Hiruma's timing in the show is 5.1

A sprinter timing is generally 5.0

Sena's timing when not chased by Cerberus is 5.0

The one's that irritate me most is

Shin's timing is 4.4 at the beginning, it improves to 4.2 later in the story

Sena's timing when chased by Cerberus is 4.2, which is considered to be the unbeatable timing for a human, (in the anime sena appears to momentarily beat that timing)

You may not care to much about this, but its been really irritating me for a while could you change it? I really like your story otherwise
6/15/2012 c5 2Amulet Spade
God I really love this, so please update!

And also, I just have to wonder why Sena hasn't said nyan it Nya yet, it is just stereotypical...

Don't mind me.. I love this story! Wait, I already said that.
6/15/2012 c5 senseless rambling
omg, a normal Sena is too cute for me enough, but a Cat!Sena killed me with his overdosed cuteness gah! love it!
6/14/2012 c5 2HyperFox3176
Sena be careful. Lol Sena u are not a cat anymore and could seriously get hurt doing that. Giggle cant wait for more. Keep up the great work.
6/13/2012 c5 1shadowcat971
Sorry, my last review was suppose to be for this chap.
6/13/2012 c2 shadowcat971
I have so many fav stories, that I don't know which ones get taken down. I'm so glad I found this again. It's definitely my most favorite of the Eyeshield 21 stories...PLEASE UPLOAD A NEW CHAPTER! I'm dying to know if Sena lands on Hiruma or not just to ask if "Later" meant "now" from the previous activities.
6/12/2012 c1 pensguin
Thank you for re-uploading this. I feel bad that I never noticed it got taken down. This is one of my most favorite stories in this fandom. Although, why is the title "Frigging" when you said you would put "Freaking"? Anyway, hope this doesn't get taken down again! I hope for those new chapters soon!
6/12/2012 c1 3Mari92
I hadn't noticed they deleted your story!

Can't they understand that the character is bad and does not care? And the M rating is for mature people or teenagers, why is it so bad to hide things from them?

It isn't like you or the site is literally responsible for the kiddes that find the fics, right?

Oh, gosh, I'm so mad at them.
6/11/2012 c1 Delicious Vice
YES. I am so happy you decided to repost! This is one of my favorite ES21 fics!
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