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5/14/2020 c10 VantablackValentina
Oh my... That was one steamy chapter! :) You know what I like so far... That Mr J hasn't resorted to beating Jess (who is a small and easy target...) for menial things... I have always thought it to be a sign of cowardice and inability to stay in control and that was a thing that disturbed me a bit in the previous fic :)
5/14/2020 c9 VantablackValentina
Love it!
5/13/2020 c7 VantablackValentina
Great story, absolutely hooked on it! I found your TDK fics randomly and now I'm almost sad I am soon finished reading... :D But I see that miraculously you have been recently updating, so I have my hopes up to see this fic finished one day! So many of my favourites were abandoned ages ago and I was so excited to find this fic!

PS - you may add me to the line for the cheezy-train, since I am also rooting for a happy ending for Jess (who I adore!) and HER Mr. J (sorry, Harls, not yours in this fic!)! :D
5/11/2020 c10 Anon
I was there when Dance with the Devil was still being updated. I was so excited for uninvited, and when the updates stopped I assumed it would remain unfinished- but several times I’ve come back to reread both of your fics just because it’s so hard to find a main character I love and someone who writes a decent joker. I once again searched up your fics to do another re-read and saw you’d updated March 25 and I just about lost my marbles. Bravo dear girl! Love the two new chapters and I am eagerly awaiting more- I need it during this quarantine actually haha. Don’t listen to the haters- fan fiction is full of toxic losers who have nothing better to do than crap on someone’s work. I’m actually tickled because I read your bio and noticed you said you were 20- meaning that the same age you started writing is the age I was reading what you wrote! I am 20 as well, and I never, when I was younger, would’ve pictures or known you were the same age as me. Your writing was beyond your age for sure. Thanks for revisiting this story :) I’m sure there are many others like me who have been waiting a long 7 years!
5/3/2020 c10 mmmmm
update sooooon pleaaase
4/9/2020 c10 mmmm
loved it,loved it, i was so haoy that you updated... with this quarantine hope you are feeling well and will update more ️️
4/5/2020 c1 mundonialex
i just wanna say that I made an account just so I could vote on your poll. HAHAHAHAH I JUST LOVE THIS STRY SO MUCH
4/2/2020 c8 TRISHA3
4/2/2020 c10 sam
so grateful you continued this story, definitely worth the wait!
4/2/2020 c10 sam
wow, thank you for this!
4/2/2020 c10 2LunarEclipse598
3/31/2020 c10 Dina
That was AWESOME, i stumbled across your prequel and sequel on accident and i am SO happy you didnt stop writing. Your story is amazing and I am obsessed with Jess and Joker’s relationship, ugh I hope that damn Quinzel won’t be too annoying she’s so aggravating haha. If only the Joker and Jess could have a better ending than the other Joker/OC i’ve read in the past! I can’t wait to see what you got cooking up for us next, I’m rooting for you!
3/27/2020 c10 1Elena-Ray
I'm so so so happy that you updated again. I've honestly been so excited for another update! You do such an amazing job!
3/26/2020 c10 1FallenStar92
Finally! I’ve been checking in for months for an update! And it was sooooooooooo worth the wait. Thanks so much for this story! Hope you’re doing well!
3/26/2020 c10 Kierstyalice
I'm glad you've been able to make another chapter! Take your time and don't feel pressured to write, cause we'll all just be happily waiting for when you post again.
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