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10/2/2012 c18 2Haku Namikaze
Good chapter. Really felt the emotion. Now, for a confessional:

Brandon O: Wow. Tension between Zakk and Sami. I know I shouldn't get involved, but maybe I should try and help... Naveah and I are their friends after all.
10/1/2012 c18 20Another Dead Red Lantern
Huh, well, this is getting interesting...
9/13/2012 c17 2Haku Namikaze
Brandon O: Wow... I thought for sure I would wind up being the only one without a song, and then I was the first to go up, and one of the few with a song! I'm just... surprised... also noticing some problems with Zakk and Sami... Best leave it to them.

Good chapter! Can't wait for more!
9/13/2012 c17 ADH
No, wait, he did sing, mah bad. XD
9/12/2012 c17 30XoXMariah n' SieoreXoX
Annalisia: Wow...um...this is a tough one...I really have no reason to vote anyone off...um...looks like I'm going to have to vote this way...*picks out of a hat* Kelvin. Well...sure. Why not?
9/12/2012 c17 20Another Dead Red Lantern
Aw, Zakk didn't sing his song... Oh well, was great!
8/22/2012 c16 4KawaiiPeaches
since you mentioned in the rumor that sami is pregnant i kinda want one of them to be pregnant! thanks!
7/4/2012 c16 3JadeTyga
Niiice :3 I'm excited for the actual challenge, hopefully some more people can get those songs in, if you need any help finding some you know what to do ;D Oh, and nice job on the Beta-ing Mariah!
Neveah:"We have this challenge in the bag! I mean, did you see us in action? And now that I'm back in action I am so going to redeem myself, I'm gunna kick some bootay, oh yeah!... Wow, I'm just a little excited I guess, being able to dance again feels really great, heheh."
7/2/2012 c16 30XoXMariah n' SieoreXoX
I loved it! I can't wait to see what song everyone picked _
7/2/2012 c16 3The Dragon 1000
Very short, but interesting chaper. I never thought I'd use those two words in the same context
7/2/2012 c16 20Another Dead Red Lantern
Awesome chapter, didn't see Sami used to having leukemia coming, but it was still all good.

Zakk- Well, didn't know that about Sami, i mean, changes nothing, just came out of nowhere. But i still love her. Still gotta do my song about Kelvin... At least i can do a wicked song against him... Yay.
6/28/2012 c15 2Haku Namikaze
Brandon O: Damn it... why can't I think of anything to sing about Sami? I want to say she's a good person, but not in a way I piss off Zakk. Why doesn't Chris give me a bad person, where I can just sing a song about hating them?

And I say, "Fuck you," as Brandon O. to myself for suggesting this damnable challenge... 'cause now I have to find a song about a friend's girlfriend, who is also his girlfriend's best friend! Damn it...
6/26/2012 c15 20Another Dead Red Lantern
Aw, damn you Kelvin! But still awesome chapter. Think i know song Zakk can sing/play on his guitar.
6/26/2012 c11 6LyricsgirlR5
Awesome story I love how Louis in this chapter. I love him! I also love 1D and the plot of the story
6/23/2012 c14 30XoXMariah n' SieoreXoX
I loved this chapter! I liked Shawn :c sucks to see him go.

Annalisia: Louis really helped me pull myself together. Now I just need the time and courage to start recording and selling! I promise Mother, I'm gonna make big things of myself one day.
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