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9/9 c1 rogue1Bois
please come back! this story is too good to die like this!
9/6 c2 Maalik
Cringed hard at femkyuubi,
In general the writing is pretty simplistic, like 8 year old level. Possibly worse honestly. I remember my own writing at age 10 and it wasn’t this generic.

Anyway turning the kyuubi into naruto’s effective Mom and also having her for some odd reason be scared of Hirzuen, has completely put me off.

I can’t believe i have to explain but here it is:
Hirzuen is basically featless. He lost to orochimaru, and actually had to kill himself just to seal Orochimaru’s arms away.

Minato used the same techmique to seal the WHOLE DAMN kyuubi away.

So its safe to say Minato Hiruzen.
And of course, since minato had no choice but to sacrifice himself to seal kyuubi,

Kyuubi Minato.

Secondly, in early shippuden 4 tails naruto KILLED orochimaru multiple times ( he had to use his snake revival jutsu multiple times)
So… do you see where Im going with this?
Kyuubi so hopelessly outclasses and SHITS on hiruzen its just offputting to read a fic by someone who did not even keep up with the most basic power scaling in the universe.

I mean the Kyuubi’s chakra helped lay the smack down on Madara for a while. jesus christ your story sucks
9/6 c1 Maalik
I can tell based on how u wrote female chars you’re a virgin and never had a girlfriend
8/5 c23 dejantomas19
Please man continue this story. This story is to good to abandon. I know you're still active by fav'ing new stories, please we've been waiting for 7 years for the next and upcoming chapters
7/4 c1 InvcShadow sux
we see you favoriting newer stories, how about finishing your own you lazy ass bum
7/2 c1 dumondj00
Man, this was a good fic to bad that its over, thanks for the story man.
6/29 c27 caiofanfics
Oye bro cuando vas a subir el siguiente cap ?
6/23 c1 Candice Carter Carter
I enjoy the story. Naruto get better life by little. Good work on the story.
6/23 c27 Helscreama
Noooo I reached the end! God I want more of this story!
6/22 c2 pertemis4lyfe
i swear to god, if hizashi still gets bent over and fucked passionately by plot, ill kill someone
6/16 c1 dejantomas19
Please continue the story im dying to see the next part man
5/20 c20 Dretnuh
I don’t understand how you can write hundreds of thousands of words before Naruto is even out of the academy lmao
5/17 c1 saidbaca308
Continue pleaseeee
5/9 c1 AnarionRising27
I am sad to see that one of the stories that truly got me into fanfiction has died. you worked so hard to create a new and creative naruto, that had a reason to care for the people he loved. the character development was the central focus. i call upon all fans please this story must continue~~
5/8 c27 Daemoniorum
Absolutely loved this story. Bit of a shame it's abandoned but that's life. Still rather good as a standalone incomplete fic.
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