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for Crazy Girl

1/2/2013 c1 1Invaderness
Awesome, made me smile
6/13/2012 c1 22Jingle For Goldfish
Amazing! Short and sweet—I loved this. The episode where Dib gets sent to the Crazy House for Boys always gave me the creeps… we never do find out exactly what happens to him there. I love the perspective from a fellow crazy, and Dib's reflection on his family, including his mother (abducted by aliens—of course he would think that). Cute that Gaz looks like her. And I love that Dib doesn't seem to harbor any kind of resentment toward his dad. He acts very proud of him in the show, despite the inattention, and I really liked your method of having a third party feel bad for him where many fanfics just have Dib feeling sorry for himself. And Membrane was so sweet to come visit her! This was adorable… I can't get over it, haha. Well done!

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