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for Fixing the HomeWork Problem

6/23/2013 c1 1Ribke
Great story, BUT PLEASE PROOF READ AND GET A BETA READER! Your spelling is good, but there are words in ALL the places they SHOULDN'T be.

But as I said, great story :)
6/18/2012 c1 3Pokemonic
This story was pretty cute, but the spelling and grammar was horrendous. However, it didn't matter so much to me, as you got the paragraphing really well done - something a lot of people surprisingly don't do that irks me. (Ehehe... Irk... Get it... Zim pun... Ah, forget it.) Also, you should NEVER use slashes in stories. They're quite displeasing to see. I don't want to nag you about lack of vocabulary because 1) you actually had pretty good word variety, and 2) I think I've already pointed out too many negatives about this fiction, which is really quite good. Now for the good stuff you'd love to hear about. I really loved the storyline - it was a nice recovery from a lot of creepypasta I have been so unwillingly forced to read and watch, and it even made me giggle at some parts. ("My parents are NORMAL!" Priceless.) It was surprisingly accurate, as if Jhonen himself wrote it with a broken finger, even if some insults were a bit too underused in the show, yet overused here. Overall, I give this fiction a star rating of...

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