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for Newton's 3rd Law

8/1/2012 c7 Guest
I must say , I really like your talent, please, the next part and more, this waiting around is sooo...Thank you for a bloody great story.
7/31/2012 c6 Guest
WOW- very exciting chapter. I loved the scenes with Claire in Macs mind.
I also think Mac will have a long and hard road to recovery after this ordeal. Love to read about it in the next chapters.
I can feel the teams angst about his survival right now...
Picture the fight of his doctors for Macs life...
In other words: please continue soon!
8/1/2012 c7 tlh45
Oh..poor Mac. Love the way they all took Freddy in and didn't blame him for what happened. Can't wait to see what happens next.
7/30/2012 c6 Guest
This is so exciting, please continue and dont leave it too long as I do have a thirst for this type of story. It is well put together and has a good line to it, well done.
7/31/2012 c6 TZ2012
poor mac...I miss him so much... Can't wait for the next chapter
7/30/2012 c6 tlh45
I think Mac has a long road to recovery. I hope Danny catches this guy and kicks his butt! Don't make us wait to long for the next chapter, please!
7/25/2012 c5 Guest
Awesome story and exciting chapter! Update soon!
7/22/2012 c5 Guest
Oh Boy, a cliffhanger is not fair. Not at all...Now I'll be up half the night wondering how Lindsay & Co. will save Mac and what condition they will find him in.
Electrocution is very serious and he is already hurt...okay hurry up with the next chapter I'm craving for some more fine Mac whumping...:-)
7/22/2012 c5 Allan
AWESOME STUFF! A brilliant read. I'm so glad the suspense and thrill is still there. Keep up the great writing. Where's the next chapter? Bring it on already! I can't wait.
7/23/2012 c5 tlh45
Continue...please! I love Mac action! How are they going to get Mac out of there? Keep it coming!
7/22/2012 c5 SSATaylor
great chapter, can't wait for the next one
7/15/2012 c4 29afrozenheart412
*sighs* I'm having trouble with this, I can't bring myself to feel any sympathy for Phillip and the mess he and his father made of their life. I just can't, call me unsympathetic but he is torturing a man who hasn't even hurt him! If Danny was there on one level I could understand but still, this is so beyond wrong its sad. I hope that he makes a lot of wonderful friends in prison because that is where he belongs.

Your best line in here is this "You can never be lost with family, Jo, never." Heck yeah! :D And my favorite moment has to be the kick that Danny artfully deflected, I adore the wording of it! :D My only hope for this is that Mac heard them talking about the faulty lock while he was playing possum, so that way he could at least get a head start on them before the team finds him! It was such a SURPRISE when I saw Freddy's name, I was wondering if he was going to be related to Lindsay, can't wait to read more!
7/15/2012 c3 afrozenheart412
Ugh, this guy is cruising for a bruising with the way he is hurting Mac and enjoying the torture of the team! I always fear for Mac whenever he and Don go out because they always get separated, I just hope that Don doesn't let guilt get the better of him, no one and I mean NO ONE could have predicted this might happen.

I love the resolution in Lindsay, heck in all of them that they will get Mac back! More please!
7/15/2012 c2 afrozenheart412
First off I want to apologize since I'm so late with this review, and are sadistic and I'm LOVING it! My god, I've read a lot of fics where Mac is tortured but to this degree and making Lindsay listen to it...all I know is that my heart was jumping and I want those Goons, LOVE the nickname LOL, to pay for this.

I'm wondering who Phillip is and what he has to do with Mac and Danny. When I read that his cell phone was dead, all I could think were bad thoughts...they're always dead when you need them the most. LOL! As for Jo snapping at Don, FUNNY! I could see them arguing with Sid in the middle trying to contain his laughter. Very nice all around!
7/9/2012 c4 tlh45
I hope someone helps Mac much more can a man take?
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