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for Life at Teikou

8/30/2017 c6 LOL
*gurgles* I love this so much! it's like the softer regretting side of the GOM that the manga didn't delve into too much. Thank you for this!
8/8/2016 c6 Butterfly Blue
J'ai aimé.
Merci pour cette fic magnifique.

Bubu van yaoi fatigué et souriante.
11/19/2015 c3 5The Patchwork Rabbit
Lol, poor third years. Kise you just sent them to their death
6/14/2015 c1 botaccount
kakuro,Akakuro I forever ship AKAKURO.
4/12/2015 c6 Mimi145
oh... TTTT The deep...
4/12/2015 c5 Mimi145
oh...that makes sense...doesn't it...
4/12/2015 c4 Mimi145
12/12/2014 c6 3CloudCarnivore
Was that the last chapter? Isnt there going to be more? Please continue soon! :D
7/23/2014 c6 2history
I really love all of the chapters! My favorites is this one and the one with Murasakibara! It's interesting how you wrote Akashi and why he wanted them to do the oath. I think that you show us why he is the captain of the team!
I love the one with Murasakibara because it shows how he likes Kuroko and how he is cruel but not without reason!
12/23/2013 c6 2Independent Not in Love
This is simply beautiful. I'm not sure if you plan to add more, but I hope you do. These were all elegantly crafted and works of art.
10/28/2013 c6 12Noitamina
This was soooooooo good! Please continue!
9/24/2013 c6 geniusbookworm
I really like your story, I hope you continue writing, because I think you have managed to capture the characters really well !
9/22/2013 c6 1Therandomdancinggirl
You are a genius! I don't even know what to say. I am at a loss for words.
9/22/2013 c5 Therandomdancinggirl
That was bloody brilliant. It hurt really badly, too. I loved it!
9/22/2013 c1 Therandomdancinggirl
This is amazing!
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