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for The Young and the Dramatic: The Complete Series

10/16/2013 c22 5Flarezap
You let something slip! When Gwendoline was talking near the end, she said that the killer must be hiding HER tracks well.

9/5/2013 c30 Sowososkkwksk
Um, avatar ripp off?
8/10/2013 c58 14KomoriSpirit
No... why did you make Brick evil?!

Anyway, this is honestly an amazing plot-line! Better than anything I could come up! If this was an actual soap opera, I would definitely watch it.
8/10/2013 c58 4Lewis767
What just happened?
7/20/2012 c26 34KilllaKirika
NOOOOOO! Why? Why? Why is it over?
7/20/2012 c27 animallover95
Who were right there were a lot of cliffhangers!
7/20/2012 c27 1Lollipop-Grenade
Yay! Cant wait!
7/20/2012 c27 1P0sitiveZer0
Woah, crazy finale! I can't believe Blainleley was behind everything! And after everything Duncan still dies. At least he gets to be with Gwen again. Hooray for Season 2! I really hope to see some continuing storylines like Justin and Heather, and I wanna see what happens to Katie! Im also really excited for The Bold and the Famous. DAKOTA! I have a bit of a fan crush on her.
7/19/2012 c26 animallover95
Yay! A second season! I never liked Blaineley so thank you for making her a villian.
7/19/2012 c26 1Lollipop-Grenade
OMG, you totally had me thinking it was for sure going to be Zoey! But Blaineley? Why did I not see that coming!
7/19/2012 c26 489UltimateWarriorFan4Ever
So it looks like Zoey didn't murder Gwen after all. That is a shocker indeed! Can't wait for the season finale!
7/18/2012 c25 34KilllaKirika
WAAAAAH! It's almost over, and I don't want it to end!
7/18/2012 c25 Guest
Can the team stop Katie before she hurts anymore prisoners? Don't you mean Zoey, or was that the twist
7/18/2012 c25 animallover95
I love this stroy!
7/18/2012 c25 1Lollipop-Grenade
Yep, I can totally feel the tension rising! You make your cliffhangers to good!
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