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3/14 c5 BlueBloodsSVUOrder
:) :)
12/5/2019 c19 BlueBloodsSVUOrder
Oh please come back and continue this, gotta find out what happens next and what happens with Harvey and Katie.

Also really loving Harvey and Katie and would really really like to read more please.
:) ;)
12/5/2019 c13 BlueBloodsSVUOrder
:) ;)
It’s perfectly fine for a T.
11/14/2017 c19 1Stampiej
What a place to leave the story! Love the Mermaid meeting :)
3/23/2017 c19 ishisri2011
Great work and
Please update...Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee
11/18/2016 c19 Guest
Please please continue with your story. Katie is such a great OC. We need to know what happens with John on the terrace. It would be great to have something sad happen but in the end have a happy ending. Thank you.
3/11/2016 c19 led-doors
talk about a cliffhanger... this was getting so good. I wish you had not left it at that :-(
8/16/2015 c19 upsetfan
any chance on update.?
7/29/2015 c19 InglouriousBastard
I like this story so much but I don't understand whether or not an update will be? I hope to see what happens next with Katie, what this John bastard is going to do and how Harvey will kick his ass if he is
7/7/2015 c19 aishiteru naru
10/20/2014 c1 1Tanjatailor
Oh my. I love it :)
Are you planning on continuing the story? Cause i can't wait for an update!
7/1/2014 c19 Anonymous
4/5/2014 c19 mkp2009
Will u please update? Love this story
3/10/2014 c1 mkp2009
I LOVE this story! Can't wait for an update! So GOOD!
1/22/2014 c19 3Ahryielle
evil person! cliffhanger! for 7 months! nooooooooo please dont be hiatus or disc.
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