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for The Story of Lily and James

10/22/2012 c7 5Cammie Cassia Chase
I love it.
6/22/2012 c7 6March150
Awesome ending! :D It was great, well done, and smoothy written! Sorry for taking so long to review, haha my Internet is being a freak but anyway, great job!
6/21/2012 c7 4NoNeed99
This is a great story. Its awesome I loved it you should write more stories do you have any other stories in other websites? If not you should write more you really are a great writer
6/16/2012 c8 2HJaneMay
Ah, you're killing me with suspense, ha-ha. But yay, a grand finale! *Drumroll* :D
6/16/2012 c7 HJaneMay
Have hope, James, have hope. :D

I'm sad that this is the second to last chapter because... I-I don't want it to end! D': I'm going to miss this story...
6/16/2012 c8 6March150
Good chapters! :) Its fine, take your time. :) Its better for it to take a long time and be great then for it to be done fast and be bad. I'll be patient for the next update :D
6/15/2012 c7 3Firestar007
please finish it's gr8 no scratch that its amazing keep it up:p
6/14/2012 c6 2HJaneMay
Can't wait! But... I'm being forced to, ha-ha. :P And no problem because it's an amazing story. It deserves reviews. :P
6/14/2012 c5 HJaneMay
I think this was one of my favorite chapters yet. :D You did such a good job at capturing their emotions, and James' love for her is so sweet. Great job! (:
6/14/2012 c4 HJaneMay
It's starting... she's beginning to feel it. :P

Lily visiting Hagrid... I think we know where Harry gets it, ha-ha.

Btw, when I saw all the notifications in my email about this story's new chapters, I was like: 8D

6/14/2012 c4 6March150
It was really really good! :)I really haven't read the Harry Potter series (Yeah I know, shocking haha) but I liked your fanfic :) It was very well written and went along smoothly. Keep up the good work! :)
6/14/2012 c3 2HJaneMay
She couldn't hex him. c; Hahha, James is so cocky. Great chappie! Upload soon, please!(:
6/13/2012 c2 HJaneMay
Awhh, they still hate each other as twelve-year-olds. . But you can tell that they'd be amazing for each other, hahha. And thx!(:

Upload soon, please! :D
6/13/2012 c1 HJaneMay
This was a cute start. (: Definitely interested to see where it leads. It was short, though. :( Hahha, it was so good that I wanted more. :D

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