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12/8/2014 c6 10Melody Violet
Damn Dib and Zim agreed to ran away from Gaz cause boy she was in kill mode lol
10/29/2013 c6 20F-ckthesystem125
When will you update?
11/16/2012 c5 35Acid Fish
not the rigg-juice that stuff is so good for the brain... or was it bad? Well that doesn't matter right now, great story, hope to see an update soon.
11/16/2012 c5 144Invader Johnny
Heh if the umbrella doesnt give Zim double meaning messages I dunno what will.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
7/7/2012 c1 Guest
This story is great! Please continue! You really have done a good job keeping everyone in character, and the idea is awesome as well! And don't listen to the haters. Look at all the people who love the story instead!
6/24/2012 c4 Barbara
Aah I want to know what's gonna happen next :D
6/18/2012 c3 129SaintHeartwing aka Ngrey651
She IS a demonic sociopath! She's beaten him up and abused him for the most petty of reasons! I can't believe you're playing the "Gaz as Victim" card.
6/17/2012 c4 144Invader Johnny
I dunno what's more shocking that Gaz cared for Gir or Zim's obliviousness on Gaz having feelings and stuff.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
6/17/2012 c3 9GeneralGS
6/16/2012 c3 144Invader Johnny
Heh heh heh, loved it when Zim punched Dib, its ironic that he indeed saved Dib from a worse fate... a beating from Gaz, LOL.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
6/15/2012 c2 Invader Johnny
Heh heh heh, it would be fun to see Gaz get on her knees and scream in a Zim like matter "NO!".

In a way she is doing what everybody says it's a normal thing, "picking up traits from your partner" LOL.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
6/14/2012 c1 Barbara
So far I like it. I really want to read more. Also, I'm a grammar crazy so please check spelling before yoy upload because I can't focus (I'm weird but who cares)

6/14/2012 c1 5DangerousD
Intresting start
6/13/2012 c1 MissDivergent
the way you portray the characters is pretty spot-on.

and the whole " " thing was totally brilliant. i cracked up.

the only thing i did notice (i'm a bit of a grammar nazi, be warned.) was some slight spelling errors. other than that, i really like it so far! :D
6/13/2012 c1 144Invader Johnny
This looks like a great start, looking foward for more!

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
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